Most Exciting Places to Visit near The City of Joy

Published on: Sept. 21, 2018

Author : Mohit Nagaria Mohit Nagaria

The city of heritage buildings, long-lasting legacy and undying warmth and love of its people

opens its doors to all enthusiastic travellers. Kolkata as it is called has many a place within its

vicinity that can be explored to its best and cherished for lifetime. From the UNESCO World

Heritage Site down south to the toy trains in the North, the city appeals to all tourists to try

out its different flavours. Of all such places, the four most exciting places to visit near the

city of joy are:

1. Sundarbans

Located in the South 24 Parganas district, this is the most outstanding heritage place in the

heritage city. With mangroves on one side and Royal Bengal tiger on the other, it is a must-

visit. And amidst these two lies an eternal boating experience. You can also walk along the

swampy surface and live the local lifestyle. Bird watching, photography and adventurous

boating are all that you can expect from this wonderful delta region. The authentic Bengali

cuisine shall be a cherry on a cake.

2. Bishnupur

The terracotta town in Bankura district of West Bengal welcomes you to the world-famous

Hindu temples and architecture. Made of pure terracotta material, all the construction of this

place takes you back into medieval Bengali history. Once built by various rulers of Bengal,

each of the temples stands tall amidst other attractions. Wake up your archaeological spirit

and finely examine the neat and flawless work of Bengali craftsmen and labourers. As a

memento, you can purchase any terracotta handicraft and treasure it in your house.

Besides the terracotta temples, Bishnupur occupies a special place in the heart of Bengali

women for its exclusive silk. Sarees made of Bishnupuri silk is considered as a household

heritage among the Bengalis.

3. Digha-Mandarmoni-Tajpur

Off to go to the sea-shore, splash water, play beach ball, indulge in exciting activities and

derive maximum pleasure from these local beaches. You can either settle in one of them or

plan a 2-day tour in all the three exciting beaches. If beach means less people, calm and

serene atmosphere, Mandarmoni and Tajpur are the best places to visit near Kolkata. And if

are looking for hustle and bustle around the beach, head straight to Digha. Here, you will also

get many accommodation choices. From budget hotels to luxury ones, Digha has something

for everyone. Security provision in all the beaches is equally commendable. Hence, there’s no

life threat. Enjoy as much as you want without worrying about your life. s

4. Darjeeling

The cool and pleasant hill station is another exciting place to visit near the city of joy. Good

means of communication and excellent connectivity within the state can get you there in just

a few hours. Make yourself comfortable in a desirable hotel, take pleasure in the breathtaking

view of the mountain scenery, move around the hills and dare not miss the toy train ride- a

heritage of Darjeeling. Also explore the local markets, watch the sun setting down and rising

again to a fresh morning.

Thus, from the seas to the mountains, from wildlife to natural forests and heritage mangroves,

there are many interesting places to visit near Kolkata. However, in order to have the best

experience always move with travel hosts from Logout World. The well experienced and

travel-loving hosts shall share all information related to these places and give their best effort

in making your trip a memorable and unique one.