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Monsoon and Meghalaya call you to explore its living root bridges, spectacular lakes, refreshing waterfalls, natural caves, cleanest villages, musical roots and kaleidoscopic culture. Drooling from the countryside to stark cities, dancing to the rhythms of pouring rainfall, trekking, canyoning and Kayaking through Meghalaya’s gems, we will draw a map of fresh Meghalaya. This North Eastern Indian state receives most precipitation from July to September, providing vistas of heavy waterfalls. 

We'll also go to Umiam Lake. Umiam Lake, or the Barapani Lake, is an enchanting artificial reservoir 15 km from Shillong. It covers an area of about 220 sq km, making it the biggest artificial lake in Meghalaya. The word ‘Umiam’ means ‘Water of Tears’ in Khasi.

Next up is Mawlyngbna, considered to be the ‘Edge of India’, being located in the extreme interiors of the state of Meghalaya where Khasi Hills merge with the plains of the neighbouring country, Bangladesh. Meghalaya wears striking colours in monsoon. But if we have to keep our finger on one place, we will choose Mawlyngbna. We have reserved one full day for beautiful hikes and swims in Mawlyngbna. Mawlyngbna village is rich in fossils. You can find natural geysers and ponds. 

Sohra is another wonder on our list. It is a high-altitude town in Meghalaya, beautifully dotted with living-root bridges and rubber trees. From here, we will trek to the famous Double Decker root bridge. Double-decker Root Bridge is the pride of Meghalaya. 

Description of the trail to Double Decker Root Bridge:

The living root bridge at Nongriat has two levels, apparently because the river rose so high one season that it covered the original bridge, so the Khasis had to build another one. The initial descent is steep, dropping 2,400 feet to the valley. But once we cross this section, the trail flattens out from Nongthymmai. You will cross two rickety wire bridges across creeks where the water collects in pools. You will find the first single root bridge five minutes before reaching the ultimate Double Decker Living Root Bridge.

We invite you to come with us on this odyssey of driving, hiking, camping, exploring, canyoning, kayaking, living and loving. The Meghalaya tour with Plan the Unplanned will pass through many places. Here is a short map.

Guwahati -> Shillong -> Mawlyngbna -> Mawlyndun -> Pynter -> Sohra -> Nongriat -> Guwahati

Read the complete itinerary of the Meghalaya Tour for a comprehensive plan and book your tickets at the earliest. 

Trip Highlights

  1. Become a spectator of the beauty of Umiam Lake
  2. Enjoy night stays in Shillong.
  3. Visit Sohra – known for its living root bridges.
  4. Travel to Nongriat for a beautiful double-decker root bridge trek.
  5. Witness waterfalls and caves in Sohra.
  6. Swim in secret handpicked swimming spots. 
  7. Visit places registered in the Guinness World Record: Sohra.
  8. Listen to traditional Khasi instruments by artists in Pynter.
  9. River canyoning to Umkhakoi.
  10. Go on a Kayaking journey.
  11. Go on a beautiful Split Rock Hike.
  12. Riverside hike at Mawlyndun.


Day 1: Travel from Guwahati to Shillong via Umiam Lake

  • Pick up from Guwahati Airport at around 11 am
  • Drive to Shillong (3 hours) 
  • Visit Umiam Lake in Nongpoh
  • Visit Laitlum Canyons (If time permits)
  • Explore Shillong Markets and Cafe 
  • Night stay in Shillong 

Day 2: Water Activities in Mawlyngbna

  • Drive to Mawlyngbna
  • Water Activities: River Canyoning, Kayaking, Split Rock Hike
  • Night stay in Shillong

Day 3: Day trip to Mawlyndun and Pynter

  • Riverside hike at Mawlyndun
  • Pynter village visit
  • Listen to traditional Khasi Music at Pynter
  • Night stay in Shillong

Day 4: Visit Sohra

  • Waterfalls, caves and viewpoints in Sohra
  • Night stay in Sohra

Day 5: Trek to Double Decker Living Root Bridges

  • Day trip to Nongriat 
  • Trek to Double Decker Living Root Bridges
  • Night stay in Sohra

Day 6: End trip in Guwahati

  • After Breakfast, drive to Guwahati 

Distance of Shillong from Guwahati: 97 km
Time Taken: 5 hours.

We will receive you at the Guwahati airport around 11 am. The timings and vehicle details will be confirmed in a separate email. From the airport, the Meghalaya Tour will start. We will travel to Shillong and visit Umiam Lake in Nongpoh en route.

How was Umiam Lake formed?

Legend has it that two sisters began their journey from heaven to descend to Meghalaya. The younger sister got lost on the way. The elder sister couldn’t find her and was very saddened by this. She started sobbing profusely, and her tears formed the Umiam Lake. 

Perched atop the serene hills of East Khasi, Laitlum Canyons is a fabulous place for photographers. Note that we will only take you here if time permits. It is approximately 20 km from Shillong. 

In the evening, we will return to Shillong and explore markets and cafes (self-sponsored). Stay here for tonight. After gelling up and sharing laughter with new friends, we will let you retire for the night.

Time taken from Shillong to Mawlyngbna: 3 hours

As we mentioned earlier, this day is most fulfilling as it is reserved for activities and water sports in the most beautiful village: Mawlyngbna. Mawlyngbna village is small, nonetheless exceptional. 

Start your day early. After breakfast, we will go for river Canyoning and Kayaking

A small hike over a hill in Mawlyngbna will take us to a colossal Split Rock. The giant rock here has split for about 50 meters and 40 feet in height. According to locals, the split was caused by the Assam earthquake of 1897. The crevice can be explored via a set of loosely-fit wooden stairs. 

In the evening, we will return to Shillong for a night stay.

Distance between Shillong to Mawlyndun: 57 km

After breakfast, let's start day 3 with a hiking activity. We will make our way to Mawlyndun. From here, we will hike to Mawlynnong village. The hike will take you through bamboo bridges, elevated root bridges, waterfalls, natural pools and riverside.

A full day in nature's company will give you a craving to know about the locals. Hence, we have planned to take you to another village called Pynter. Houses here are constructed on a single rock and made in the traditional style with the least use of concrete. However, the usage of concrete in building a home has increased since it makes the house long-lasting. 

Meghalaya is rich in folk traditions. We will meet a few music artists who still practice traditional instruments. Become a witness to a live music session. 

After that, we will go to Upper Shillong for a night stay

Distance between Shillong and Sohra: 53 km.

Wake up, freshen up, and get ready. Post breakfast, we will be moving towards Sohra, also known as Cherrapunji. With bouts of rain and drizzling beauty, we will experience the most beautiful part of Meghalaya today. It grows 10× beautiful in the monsoon. 

We will be exploring a lot of natural wonders today, like offbeat waterfalls, caves and viewpoints. 

After exploring, we will go to our homestay in Sohra. We will explore Sohra in the evening and then retire to the homestay.

Distance between Sohra and Nongriat: 17 km

Super-punched with breakfast, we will travel to the base of Double Decker Living Root Bridges. Pin it as the most challenging but satisfying day in your Meghalaya trip with Plan the Unplanned.

The trek to Living Root Bridge in Nongriat is almost 3 km long and 3500+ steps. Come mentally prepared. It's not going to be easy. You will become exhausted, but the hype is worth it. You will see the magnificence of human-nature relationships. 

We will trek back to Tyrna. From Tyrna, we will get on the road to Cherrapunji.

Evening nest is reserved in Sohra; We will enjoy the evening, have our dinner and enjoy our stay

Distance between Sohra and Guwahati: 150 km

Today is the last day of our Meghalaya trip. After breakfast, bid goodbye to the land of the clouds and make your way back to the plains of Assam. We will leave you here for an onward journey. 

From here, the choice is yours. If you have some days, you can cover places in Assam like Kaziranga National Park, Kanha National Park, and Manas National Park. Assam, too, has a lot to offer, especially the food. Try local delicacies like Doi-Chira, Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura, Ouu Khatta, Pani Hamuk, and Pitika in Assam. Explore Arunachal Pradesh if you have more time at your disposal. Or, call it a trip and return to your abode. 

We know while leaving, a few tears might drip, but a satisfactory feeling of a successful trip will surely take home. Lingering memories and sweet pain in your body from the trek will keep you hooked on the Meghalaya trip for a few days. If memories start blurring, just take out your phone and scroll through the pictures. Don't hesitate to call us and your buddies if you have anything to say. And once you know you want to do it again, we are here. Check out our other itineraries and ring us soon. It would be a pleasure to host you again. Till then, love and live life.

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