10 Reasons For A Workation In Palampur

Published on: Nov. 26, 2021

Author : Rachitaaggarwal Rachitaaggarwal

Initially, work-from-home was simply a shift in the dynamic, and many of us were happy about skipping the hassles of a daily commute. But soon enough, being cooped up got tedious, and those productivity levels came crashing. But consider waking up to a cool, mountainous sunrise, taking a break from the screen to look at an unbeatable view, and a new, fun workspace. Plus, instead of the noises of a bustling home, you hear the chattering of birds over the clicking of other laptop keyboards. This is what it’s like taking a workation in Palampur. Need more reasons? We’ve got 10!

Connected Yet Cut Off

A workation in someplace popular defeats the purpose. Being in a mainstream destination means sharing your space with tons of other people, some of whom may even have come on holiday. And seeing vacationers having fun while you’re glued to a laptop is a bummer no one wants to experience. Offbeat locations that are peaceful and serene are your best best. But if you’re stuck breaking a sweat about how to get there, chances are your destination will be too off-grid for a steady internet connection!

This is why you should head to Palampur for your workation. Palampur is the perfect blend of the two; offbeat and hidden away from boisterous crowds, yet comparatively easy to get to. Kangra Airport in Dharamsala is just 40 km from Palampur, and Pathankot Railway Station is 112 km from here. You can get cabs or buses from both locations to get you to Palampur, or you train lovers can hop aboard the narrow gauge toy train from Pathankot to Palampur.

Plus, you’ll never run out of WiFi here! There are several cafés, homestays and hostels with WiFi where you can get your work done without having to worry about connectivity.

The Best Weather

Palampur is one of those places you can visit no matter what season of the year it is. The high altitude means temperatures remain bearable, and nights get cold. Summer season in Palampur lasts from April till June, and temperatures drop to as low as 10°C and reach highs of around 30°C. July to October sees frequent showers of rain, and temperatures start to drop. This is when all of nature is clothed in her best shades of green, and the mountain air is cool and heavy with fog.

Finally, November to February is the winter, and the hues of green are replaced with a carpet of white. Snowfall is frequent in Palampur during winter, but it’s never heavy enough to shut the mountain destination off entirely. No matter the weather, no matter the month, you can simply book your tickets and head up to Palampur, laptop in tow. No need to wait for those few ideal months and deal with the frustration of work.

Cozy Cafés

Whether it’s for a small coffee break, to coop yourself up in a corner and work, or to simply 

while away a weekend with a book, cafés are a must for any destination. From traditional comfort corners and book nooks to cafés that are popular for their food, the more cute cafés a place has, the better. There are a handful of quirky and cute cafés in Palampur, many of which have high-speed WiFi as well.

Cliffy’s Cafe has some comfort coffees to warm you when the temperatures dip, along with some tasty sandwiches to dig into. The Frozen Moon Café is where you can post stories of yourself enjoying some hot Maggi in the hills and give everyone else FOMO. Blue Hills Café and The Coy’s are two other places you can drop into for some perfect workation grub.

The Best Views

Geographically, Palampur is a hill station, located in the vast Kangra valley. The Dhauladhar ranges flank the small town, and being in the higher reaches of the Himalayas, it gets a bit of snowfall in the winter. It gets its name from the word pulum meaning 'abundant water'; several streams run down through and around the town and into the plains below. In the summer these provide a fun pool to dip your toes in, in the monsoon they swell with the rain, and some even freeze over in the winter.

Summer, autumn or winter, Palampur remains as stunning as ever.

Our point, if you haven’t yet got it, is that come rain, sun or snow, Palampur retains its beauty throughout the year. At no point is it barren and bare, and each season has its own distinct beauty. And if this corporate culture has taught us one lesson, it’s that our eyes and neck need a break from time to time. Glancing up from your laptop on trees bathed in sunshine or the twinkling of stars won’t just refresh your eyes, but also your mind.

Plenty Of Chai

Sometimes, all you need is a hot, steaming cuppa chai to get your thoughts in order. And Palampur is just the place for that. Driving along the streets, you’ll notice sprawling tea plantations on either side of you, stretching as far as the eye can see. These are growths of Kangra tea, and you can’t call yourself a ‘chai connoisseur' if you haven’t previously heard of it.

Tea was first grown here in 1849 by Britisher William Jameson, superintendent of the Botanical Gardens at Saharanpur and the Northwest Frontier Province. He first planted a Chinese variety, and seeing how well it took to the soil and weather was the first step to Palampur becoming a chai-lover’s paradise. By the end of the 19th century, nearly 10,000 acres of land were cultivated to produce tea.

The devastating earthquake of 1905 effectively ruined the tea estates and industry for several years. Thankfully, the locals have managed to revive it a bit. Though the estates could do with a little boost, they’re pulling through - much like you, cooped up at home and reading this blog! We don’t know about the tea, but if you need that boost, make sure you book a workation in Palampur.

Ideal Strolls

The vast sprawling estates make for the perfect evening stroll, whether you’re a chai drinker or not. But apart from that, imagine this - gorgeous sights no matter where you look. Clear skies above, unblemished nature around, fresh air and cool weather, no matter what time of the day or night. No potholes to dodge, no vehicles honking at you, just you and the road, and perhaps some companions keeping you company.

Strolling around in Palampur is nothing like the chaos of cities, or even the crowded tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Here, a stroll doesn’t leave you feeling tired and regretting even having moved from the couch at all. When you’re on a workation in Palampur, you get that unfettered, natural wellness, guaranteed.

Loads Of Sights To See

Strolling around and dropping into cafés is perfect for lunch breaks and post-work ramblings. But what about the weekends? If you think you’ll have nothing to do but bore yourself in the tea estates, think again. Palampur, despite being an offbeat location, has plenty of places to visit. Visit the colorful Tashi Jong Monastery and let the tranquility and hallowed vibes calm your restlessness. Or, calm yourself with some retail therapy at their Tibetan craft store! Visit the revered Baijnath Shiva Temple to pay your respects.

Visit the Tashi Jong Monastery when you want a weekend outing in Palampur.

Take a journey through the thickets of trees to visit the Neo-Gothic imposing structure that is the St. John in the Wilderness Church, or tramp around pretending to be monarchs at the Kangra Fort. Finally, the Andretta Pottery Society is there to fulfil all your craft cravings.

This isn’t the end of the list of places to visit in Palampur, and you’re bound to find more wonderful structures as you go about exploring it.

Magical EODs

EOD - that dreaded term. But no longer is sending that email and finishing your extensive tasks for the day the only thing to do by EOD. How about catching the hues of an unfiltered sunset? Or, bonding over a bowl of Maggi under the dusky skies? Whatever you pick, the end of every single day in Palampur is magical. Simply being able to be in a different location will do wonders for your productivity, but a workation in Palampur will leave you mentally rejuvenated. So, even if there’s a load of work to finish before EOD, the views outside the window will motivate you enough to knock it out of the park.

Perfect Weekend Getaways

After a while, you’re bound to tire of walking down the same roads and frequenting the same cafés. And being in a great location doesn’t mean you can’t go exploring other destinations around it! After all, workations tend to be of longer durations, and weekends can require a change of pace. When you find yourself completely familiarized with Palampur, head out to the many locations within a stone’s throw away.

Bir Billing, a location famous for paragliding, is a mere 50 minute drive away. There’s no better place to go to when you need an adrenaline boost to kickstart your lagging brain! Head up to McLeodGanj for when you want to drop in to even more fun cafés, or trek to a waterfall. Plus, you can also opt for the Triund trek if you want to truly immerse yourselves in nature. When you’re on a workation in Palampur, the options for entertainment are endless.

The Perfect Accommodation

Palampur has a couple of hostels and homestays that are good for a workation. In terms of which one works best, you need to choose a place that has cafes and restaurants around with delivery options. This saves you time at lunch and for when you need a snack or two. Additionally, make sure you’re in a place not too far from the main streets, yet isolated  enough to be silent.

Luckily for you, we tick all of these boxes, and more, at goSTOPS Palampur. There are designated work areas so you can focus up, a common room where you can unwind and chat with other hostelers, comfy dorms to choose from, meals, and of course, free high speed WiFi! We’re located in the perfect spot, with unobstructed views yet great connectivity. Make sure you check us out no matter where you want to workation, since we’re in over 19 locations across the country!


These 10 reasons for a workation in Palampur should be enough to convince the biggest couch potatoes and homebodies. With the best possible weather and connectivity, what place could be better?


Why Is Palampur Famous?

Palampur has several tea estates and plantations, and is a known producer of Kangra tea. It also has several temples and monasteries in and around it. Palampur is a comparatively offbeat destination, but its proximity to locations like Bir Billing and Dharamshala also make it a popular stop for travelers.

Does Palampur Village Exist?

The village of Palampur is a famous hypothetical village used to explain several economic concepts. This particular village in question does not exist, and only coincidentally shares its name with Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

What Is A Workation?

A workation is a type of getaway that allows for remote working with a healthy dose of leisure. You don’t need to take leave from work for a workation. Instead, remote working enables you to get work done while being in a different location.

How Long Is A Workation?

A workation can be as long as you want it to. You can go on a workation of a few days in a location near your home. On the other hand, they can be as long as a few months, and these are also often at places farther away from home.

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