8 Perfect Workation Destinations In India

Published on: Nov. 26, 2021

Author : Rachitaaggarwal Rachitaaggarwal

There are dozens of benefits to working remotely, like being in your pyjamas all day and not having to deal with rush-hour traffic. But the one that tops it all is the opportunity to go on a workation! This new style of working allows you to break free from the desk you’re glued to right now and see a place you’ve always wanted to see. You still work hard but your after-work hours become more interesting than watching sitcoms (we’ve all been there!) So if you’re looking to really unwind after a day of work, hopping on the workation trend can do wonders. Feeling confused about which workation destination to pick in India? We’ve got you covered with our list of perfect workation destinations in India.

Top 8 Perfect Workation Destinations In India

  1. Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

A Snug Hill Station With Jaw-dropping Views Of The Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges 

Pin-drop silence can be hard to find when working from home with family. But that’s something that you’ll find effortlessly at a workation destination like Palampur. It’s one of the off-grid, less touristy places to work from in Himachal Pradesh. In Palampur, when you take a break from work, you’ll be blessed with postcard perfect views. The region also has plenty of tea plantations and we highly suggest you get yourself a hot cup of quali-tea Kangra chai. Besides tea, the oxygen rich air, soothing mountain atmosphere is all the more reason for a workation in Palampur.

Picturesque views as soon as you look up from work await in Palampur.

  1. Varkala, Kerala

A Vibrant Beach Destination In The South Of India That Can Kick Gloomy Day Blues Miles Away!

If you’ve been hearing the ocean waves call out to you during WFH, then Varkala is the place where you can get your vitamin-sea! It’s the perfect workation destination for anyone who wishes to stay close to the ocean after a long day of work.

In Varkala, you can also try your hand at water spots like parasailing, paragliding and surfing! Or you can try something not-so-adventurous like walking barefoot on the beach to sink your feet into sand. When it’s time to work, you can pick from among the many WiFi-enabled cafés that sit on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The uniqueness of Varkala is that the cliff is extremely close to the Arabian sea, naturally giving visitors the best seat to a beach-view. 

  1. Udaipur, Rajasthan

The City Of Lakes, An Economical Workation Destination With A Royal Cityscape.

Pick any rooftop in Udaipur to sit with your laptop and you’d probably experience a peak in your productivity levels just because of how calming the atmosphere is. Want to get work done in a more relaxing environment? Then pick a quiet spot overlooking the magical Lake Pichola.

At EOD, you can explore cultural sights like the City Palace, Sajjangarh fort, Neemach Mata Temple and Bagore ki Haveli. Make sure you step out of your work mode to catch the sunrise at Pichola and sunset at Sajjangarh. Dedicate some time out of your work schedule to get some sunlight (that we’re all missing out on) and trust us, you won’t regret it!

  1. Darjeeling, West Bengal

The Queen Of Hill Stations Filled With Bakeries To Fulfill Your Cravings For Freshly-baked Goodies.

Besides being a next-to-perfect hill station to work from, all those with a sweet tooth will fall in love with the pastries, puffs and tea in the centuries-old Darjeeling bakeries. The baked food you’ll find here coan fuel you and help you power through your work day. Darjeeling weather also plays along to keep you motivated to work. When you want to escape the frustration of working during Indian summers, think Darjeeling, where it’s pleasantly cool even in the summer. Winters can be chilly but there’s nothing that a hot cup of Darjeeling tea can’t fix!

One deep breath of the clear air in Darjeeling, and you’ll forget all your work woes.

  1. Gangtok, Sikkim

A Contemporary Capital City With Monasteries, Mountains And Mouth-watering Food.

For those foodies tired of homemade food while being stuck at home (no offense to the one who cooks), Gangtok cuisine is going to be a welcome change for your food palate. From piping hot noodle soups to momos, the cuisine in Gangtok is worth the pleas to your boss for a workation. Gangtok also makes for a good workation destination since it isn’t an isolated getaway, and you’ll easily find eateries at which you can sit with your laptop to get work done. This city lacks the urban sprawl found in metropolitan cities and has plenty of green spaces, ultimately bringing a good amount of positive energy to your work desk.

  1. Goa

A Budget-friendly Beach Destination That Generates Good Upbeat Vibes.

Truth be told, workations can amount to be an expensive affair, but there are plenty of workation destinations that are easy on the pocket. One of them is Goa! The region draws beach bums looking for a dose of sun, sand and sea. Your two-wheeler in Goa can take you to unspoilt beaches and quirky restaurants to gorge on tasty meals that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The region can truly upgrade your leisure time without you having to try too hard; you can easily find a place to unwind with a chilled beer (post work!)

  1. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Away From Crowds, Perfect To Catch Multitudes Of Lofty Mountains And Get Lost In The Lap Of Mother Nature.

The beauty of working from a place like Mussoorie is that you begin to appreciate the great outdoors. The fresh, cool mountain air can help make a dull meeting feel like a breeze. The towering mountains and magnitude of greenery here also helps keep a cool head while at work. Although the region is at an altitude of approximately 2000 metres above sea level, it’s fairly easy to find accommodation with high-speed internet in Mussoorie. This is why many people choose Mussoorie for a workation without a second thought.

  1. Munnar, Kerala

A Peaceful Destination Where You Find Ultimate Opportunities To Rejuvenate And Recoup.

Something that you’re probably missing a ton while you work from home is self-pampering! But by going on a workation at a spot like Munnar, you’ll have many chances to do things that make you feel good. Sip on hot tea, stroll through a tea estate, cycle past nature trails and take yourself on a spa date on weekends. This is what your workation would look like in Munnar - this, and much more.


With these 8 perfect workation destinations in India, you’ve got your options laid out in front of you. You can work from the mountains, beaches, a hill station, a tea estate, and much more beyond the four walls of your home! What will you pick and more importantly, will the destination suit your budget? If you’re on a tight budget you can opt for hostels for your workation that cuts down your accommodation expenses in half. To add to the mix, you can also consider getting yourself a DREAM.INVEST.TRAVEL membership at goSTOPS to avail very interesting discounts for your long workation. 


How Do You Plan A Workation?

You have to organize your days when you go on a workation. Dedicate strict slots during which you’ll work, and pre-plan your sightseeing. Decide the cafés at which you’ll work from and ensure you’re carrying all the electronics you need to work efficiently. Ensuring you have a strong internet connection is vital for a workation. 

How Long Is A Workation?

Ideally, plan your workation to be between 7 and 14 days. This gives you enough time to form a routine in the destination you’re going to and keeps the travel pace comfortable.

What Are Some Budget Workation Destinations In India?

Naggar, Udaipur and Goa are the top budget workation destinations in India. For culture, opt for Udaipur, for beaches head to Goa, and pick Naggar for the mountains.

What Are The Top 5 Workation Destinations In India To Enjoy Remote Working?

Goa, Varkala, Gangtok, Palampur and Naggar are some of the best workation destinations in India from where you can enjoy working remotely.

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