8 Tips For Solo Female Travelers In India

Published on: Nov. 26, 2021

Author : Rachitaaggarwal Rachitaaggarwal

Solo female travelers in India? It may seem chaotic at first, but being the beautiful nation it is, a solo trip within India can be truly eye-opening. Not only do you get a chance to engage with your country, but also with people from all walks of life. However, the key to happy trips for solo female travelers in India is being prepared and sticking to a well-researched plan to avoid any abrupt situations. So, for all you ladies who ‘wing it’ while you travel solo, we have come with some “self travel strategies” that will help you prepare for your first SOLO journey!

1. Start With A Strategy:

Every solo trip must begin with a well-planned itinerary to unfold the best of experiences. Researching and planning are two important things before the first time you travel alone. From knowing all about your destination to booking a place in advance, there’s a lot you must prepare yourself for.

Begin with choosing a relatively close destination that is easy to commute to for your first time going solo. Make sure the place is well connected with transportation services so that you don’t have to depend on unreliable sources. Always try to arrive before sundown as mornings are a great time to arrive at your destination. Plus, this saves you the hassle of navigating a strange place at night. And lastly, through this whole process, don’t hesitate to shell out a few extra bucks if you have to because safety trumps money.

2. Keep Your Closed Ones Informed During The Trip: 

Not updating your family/friends about your intricate trip details can turn out to be the biggest mistake while traveling solo. Provide them with details like the contact of the place you’re going to stay at and the bus/cab driver number you are traveling with. Make sure to share your live location while traveling with your close ones so that they can keep track of your way to the destination. All of this is going to be helpful to avoid any sticky situations that may come your way while traveling alone.

3. Use Public Transport:

One of the best things about traveling is using public transport and living that dreamy traveler life while meeting different people on buses, trains, and flights. Not only is public transport the best way to meet fellow explorers, but it’s also convenient, fairly safe, easy to choose, and obviously super cheap! Plus, being surrounded by people can always help with avoiding anxiety and uncomfortable situations. Of course, your own intuition is important, and traveling around alone at night should be avoided as much as possible. But wherever possible, make sure to use public transport for a seamless and safe experience.

4. Chose To Stay In Homestays Or Hostels: 

While on a solo trip, choosing a hostel or homestay will only increase your chances of meeting fellow solo travelers. Not only this but staying in a hostel can also open you up to many interesting opportunities which one may miss while going solo. Also, it’s comparatively safer than being in a hotel room alone and having no one to socialize with. 

You can be whoever you feel like being, build new relationships and itineraries on your terms, while also opening up to different cultures and mindsets, all while making some great friends and memories.

5. Be Polite But Confident Enough To Say NO: 

Being a solo female traveler, you’d most likely be expected to come off as polite and diligent. Being polite is surely good when you’re looking to meet new people and initiate conversations with locals and fellow travelers. However, that doesn’t mean you need to say yes or agree to everything you see and hear. Here, confidence is the key.

Wear your confidence on your sleeve and you are less likely to attract any unwanted attention or random creeps while you travel. You must rely solely on yourself and learn from fleeting encounters to gain confidence as you start to trust your instincts.

6. Carry Enough Cash And Essential Equipment: 

Ladies, equip yourself with everything you need to be self-reliant in case you are all alone and can't ask for help. AKA - a torch, raincoat, pepper spray, sanitary napkins, power bank, and something to munch on (in case it's a remote area). Another necessary thing to carry with you is cash because running out of cash in an unknown place is the last thing you want to face. Especially in places like hills where ATMs are not easy to find, extra bucks in your wallet will always emerge as a savior on your solo expedition.

Sit down and plan your budget to ensure you never run out of cash.

7. Consider Being Part Of Group Tours: 

Group tours are one of the best ways to deal with your worries and anxious mind while traveling alone. Initially, you may not know much about the place you are traveling to and it can be tough to track down the best places to discover all by yourself. This is when joining a group of like-minded solo travelers can bring you back into the game with some constant guidance along the way. Also, we absolutely don't want you to miss adventurous opportunities to make some new friends and memories for a lifetime, simply out of hesitancy or fear.

8. Let Go Of The Fear:

To quote Nelson Mandela, "courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it". The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who overcomes that fear. It is only natural that we feel dread every time we face something out of the box. But everything new and unfamiliar is not dangerous.

If you take enough precautions and trust your instincts, you can definitely conquer the fright of the moment. Keep reminding yourself why you decided to go ahead in the first place and trust us, there is nothing more liberating than this thought itself. 


‘Aren’t you afraid of traveling solo?’ This is one of all those annoying questions people come up with for women who choose to travel solo. Well, yes, traveling solo can be perceived as a daunting and scary plan to begin with, especially in a diversified country like India. But traveling solo is not just about exploring, it’s a step to reinvent your thinking and become friends with not only fellow travelers but with yourself. It’s a track of self-discoveries that gives you a steady path to unwinding the world on your terms. Follow these 8 tips for solo female travelers in India, and take the leap of faith!


How Should A Woman Plan A Solo Trip?

A plan for a female solo trip should begin with extensive research and thorough preparation. Make sure you pre-book your travel and accommodation to save you the hassle of rushing around later on, especially if this is your first solo trip. Head to a destination frequented by tourists and people, that is easy to get to.

How Do You Attract Fellow Solo Travelers? 

Traveling with an open mind and heart while knowing when and how to initiate conversations is the best way to befriend fellow solo travelers. A great way to meet solo travelers is by staying at a hostel since this is where most solo travelers prefer to stay.

Is A Hostel Safe For Solo Women Travelers? 

Hostels are absolutely safe options for women to stay in because of their social and open environment. It’s the best place to cash in surrounded by like-minded people. Some hostels like our goSTOPS Palampur property also have women-only hostels for increased security!

Which Are The Safest Places To Visit In India For Women? 

India is a diversified country with a sense of unique culture in every state. Some of the safest and best places to visit in India for women are Himachal, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya, Kerala and Sikkim.

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