Best Places To Visit In Pushkar That Scream 'Unforgettable'

Published on: Nov. 26, 2021

Author : Rachitaaggarwal Rachitaaggarwal

Peaceful Pushkar was brought to life after Lord Brahma dropped a lotus on the land where it sits today. The city has had mythological importance from its birth and the atmosphere around Pushkar lake gives away just that. Ancient temples, quirky cafés, and peaceful hills await you in Pushkar. When you make a trip here, ensure you drop by some of the best places to visit in Pushkar for that unforgettable trip. 

Best Places To Visit In Pushkar

Brahma Temple For Some Time In Prayer

To get a sense of the religious sentiments of the region, the Brahma Temple is among the must-visit places in Pushkar. This is believed to be the oldest and most prominent temple in India dedicated to Lord Brahma. Even though, as per Hindu mythology, Brahma is responsible for creating the universe and life on it, there are very few temples for the Hindu Creator-God. Many Hindus believe it is because of the curse of Goddess Savitri, his wife. 

According to legend, Savitri could not be present for a yagna (religious ritual) as she was preoccupied with getting ready. Instead of waiting for her, Lord Brahma completed the yagna with Gayatri, a girl from the pastoral community. Upon seeing Gayatri sitting at her seat for the yagna, Savitri cursed Lord Brahma that he’s only to be worshipped in Pushkar. But he is the mighty God of all creation after all, so pilgrims make their way to Pushkar to pray to Lord Brahma. This is probably why this temple does happen to be more crowded than the other temples in Pushkar. But don’t let that stop you from experiencing the atmosphere of peacefulness in the vicinity of this temple.

Savitri Mata Temple For Panoramic Views Of Pushkar

If you wish to catch a spectacular view of Pushkar from a temple perched on a height, then head to the Savitri Mata Temple. You’d really want to get here during the golden hour to truly soak in an unforgettable view of Pushkar. There is a ropeway that takes you directly to the temple from the base point. But for those who love a good hike, we suggest you take the uncountable stairs that lead to the temple. 

Just a heads up that there are quite a few notorious monkeys taking up abode at the Savitri Mata temple. You’ll have to be careful that they don’t snatch any of your belongings. After you reach the top, you can catch your breath, relax and let the views of Pushkar speak to you.

Jaipur Ghat To Catch The Sunset

The city of Pushkar is home to 52 ghats! Ghats are essentially the steps that lead to Pushkar lake. Among all the ghats you aimlessly stroll, make sure you visit Jaipur Ghat. It’s one spot in the holy city of Pushkar where you can sit peacefully and spend hours in tranquility. You can listen to some music, read a book or simply while away the time

The Jaipur Ghat is a common place for locals and tourists to come and just hang out. People of different nationalities come to Pushkar and at Jaipur Ghat you can get to know fellow travelers. You might even catch a glimpse of people breaking into song - it’s just one of the best places to visit and hang around in Pushkar. And guess what? Jaipur Ghat is just minutes away from the very cool goSTOPS Hostel in Pushkar. 

Varah Ghat For The Aarti Ceremony

Pushkar is a Hindu pilgrim town filled with many temples. It draws people on a spiritual quest and that’s why you’ll see so many Hindu devotees around when you’re here. If you wish to connect with your spiritual self and take part in a religious ceremony, you can attend the Aarti ceremony at Varah Ghat. The religious atmosphere created during the Aarti could be something that you remember most out of your trip to Pushkar. The ceremony takes place in the evening around 6:15 pm. Make sure you’re there earlier to grab a spot where you can sit.

Pro Tip - Roam in the alleys besides Varah Ghat - you’ll find many quirky cafés to grab a quick bite.

Rangji Temple To Stand In Awe Of The Architecture

If you’re the kind of traveler who loves finding old, admirable architecture when you travel, Rangji temple is one of those places you must visit in Pushkar. The Rangji temple has some architectural features that you may have seen only in South Indian temples. You can get a closer look at the temple’s architecture by paying attention to the walls that have some intricate details. You can also see the New Rangji temple also known as Shri Rama Vaikunth Nath Swami Temple if you like. There’s a myriad of temples that you can explore around Pushkar lake.

Bonus Tips

Don’t Leave Pushkar Without Trying Some Legendary Food

For a foodie, the most unforgettable aspect of Pushkar has got to be the mindblowing food options. At every turn, you’ll see a café or quirky little colorful restaurant where you’ll find some interesting options on the menu. There’s an abundance of cafés but a few you shouldn’t forget to check out are - The Laughing Buddha Café, Laura’s Café, La Pizzeria, Out of the Blue, and Honey & Spice. Trust us, the food in Pushkar is phenomenal, you must try falafels, malpuas, kachoris and parathas from one of the street stalls that has the most crowd around it. 

Time Your Visit To Pushkar During The Madness Of The Pushkar Fair

There’s a buzz and liveliness in the air in Pushkar during the Pushkar Fair that usually happens in the month of November. If you want to get in on the madness, you should plan your trip to Pushkar during this time. The festival is happening from 11th to 19th November in 2021, so make sure you know all you need to about the Pushkar Fair. During the festivals, the whole town turns into one giant fiesta.

Dance shows, competitions, and music performances are organized on the days of the fair. Camel and horse traders come in huge numbers to the fair to sell their livestock to interested buyers. Watching the innumerable competitions, taking a camel safari and just observing so much livestock in one place makes the Pushkar fair a unique experience.

You’re Ready To Explore Pushkar

Pushkar is an extremely fascinating town in Rajasthan. It has so many interesting options to eat and is dotted with many temples. It’s easy to spend hours by the tranquil Pushkar lake in solitude. Do less and relax more during your Pushkar trip. When you need a place where you can put your feet up and just be after a day of strolling around, let goSTOPS hostel Pushkar host you. We’re centrally located from eating joints, bustling markets and the beautiful Pushkar Lake. 


What Is Pushkar Famous For?

Pushkar is one of the oldest holy cities in India. It is famous for its many temples, particularly the Brahma temple. The city also attracts plenty of foreign tourists. Pushkar is also famed for its Camel Fair which is a cultural festival where livestock is traded. It happens annually in the month of November and a large number of people from all over the world come to attend it. 

How Many Days Do You Need In Pushkar?

Travelers come to explore Pushkar for a day or two while en route to exploring the rest of Rajasthan. A trip to Pushkar is usually taken after exploring Jaipur as the Pink City is not too far from Pushkar.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Pushkar?

You can visit Pushkar anytime from October to March. But it’s best to time your visit to Pushkar when the Pushkar fair happens in November. Make sure you book your accommodation well in advance in November because many tourists plan their trips around that time. 

What Are The Top Attractions Of Pushkar?

The Pushkar Lake, Brahma temple, Savitri Mata Temple and Jaipur Ghat are the top attractions of Pushkar. 

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