Classy places you never knew existed near Punjab

Published on: Oct. 6, 2018

Author : Prasad Deshpande Prasad Deshpande

The happy-go-lucky state of the Sikhs abounds with immense love, unending fun and entertainment. Even its tourism sector thrives by virtue of popular places in Chandigarh and nearby towns. However, a lot more tourist destinations somewhat within its vicinity are hardly known among us. In this post, our aim is to focus on the wonderful places to visit near Punjab along with its salient aspects.

  1. Barog

    The small and tidy hill station was once a long stop for the Royal families of the British. While travelling from Kalka to Shimla, they would stop here for a fine lunch. The place also derives its name from one of the British engineers who constructed the small railway line. Today, the place stands less crowded however with awesome mountain views. Care to take a royal train ride and enjoy the scenery around you?

  2. Mughal Sarai, Doraha

    While Barog talks about British era, Doraha is all about Mughals. In fact, it was this place where the Mughal caravans of Jahangir would halt for rest. Although there had been a number of forts and monuments, presently everything is in ruins. While moving around this amazing construction, you’ll still get to see the blue-and-yellow tiles on entrance archways, floral designs on the Northern and Southern gate and a large terrace on the double-storey gateways. Mughal Sarai fort also gained prominence after being seen in Amir Khan movie- Rang De Basanti. Few people therefore call it the RBD Fort.

  3. Solan

    One, it is the Mushroom Capital of India and two; it is a mushrooming hill station near Chandigarh. A perfect location between Kalka and Shimla, Solan is one of the Classy Places you never knew existed near Punjab. The place also has a religious connect for it is dedicated to the Goddess Shoolini Devi- the prime divinity in this region. If you possess a religious heart, you can seek blessings from the Shoolini Mata Temple and Jatoli Shiv Temple. The Yungdrung Tibetan monastery is another interesting place of devotion. Above all, the Mohan Shakti National Park offers a complete experience of Solan.

  4. Timber Trail

    Timber Trail is more acclaimed for being a family picnic spot. Quite interestingly where massive picnic locations have ropeways within it, here you need to ride 3.6km via ropeway in order to reach the Trail. And while you hang from the ropes, make sure you go click-click from the cabin and capture all the breathtaking views of the underling scenery and a gorge. Besides enjoying with family, you can also find some time for a lavish spa treatment or some Ayurvedic massage. And if you possess an adventurous soul, hit the mountains for a long cycling and trekking experience.

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