Interesting Places Never Known To Exist Near Delhi

Published on: Aug. 18, 2018

Author : Pravir Singh Pravir Singh

Delhi, as we all know, is a city popular for its warmth, hospitality and helpful attitude of the people. As the city bustles with flock of tourists round the year, there’s hardly any attention to some of the Interesting Places never known to exist near Delhi. From sanctuaries to historical lakes and forts, there’s a lot to explore within the outskirts of the capital city.

Here’s a small list of the best destinations you can tour from Delhi.

1. Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Spread across a vast landscape, the sanctuary in Noida is the perfect beginning to a perfect day. Set your alarm at 5, put on your shorts, take a camera and off you set for watching and capturing birds. Wait for fine moments and once you get a golden opportunity, go click-click. You can also carry some bird food and as they come near you throw them while enjoying a joyful time with the nature.

2. Gurgaon

The emergent urban city has lots of magic under its sleeves. From flying in the air to sky karting to paragliding, Gurgaon is full of adventure, thrill and excitement. The flyboy air safari is one-of-a-kind experience which takes you throughout the suburban areas via air. The sky karting centre is another place to indulge in interesting activities. Raise above the ground with your parachutes Gurgaon takes you a step ahead even in this sport. While being in the sky the best you can do is to think about your superheroes and enjoy the precious moments amidst the air.

3. Tughlaqabad Fort

While searching for places to visit near Delhi, the search results will fill your screen with Taj Mahal, Red Fort and other tourist places except the Tughlaqabad Fort. Now almost in ruins, the majestic fort will take you back to the 14 th century Delhi Sultanate and deliver a taste of the then Indian culture. Built during the rule of Ghuyasuddin Tughlaq, one of the famous Sultanate kings, it upholds medieval art and architecture. With an eye of an archaeologist, you can closely examine the minute and delicate work along with the effort that went behind the construction.

4. Surajkund

Drive 8km from South Delhi to witness a rare, serene and peaceful place named Surajkhand, meaning the Lake of the Sun. Famous for its 10 th century old ancient reservoir, the place equally is known for its unique lake and wonderful scenery. Once again with an the spirit of an archaeologist, you can set off on an adventure and be awe with the thinking, planning and organisation of past civilisations.

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