The New Responsible Way To Travel

Published on: Sept. 16, 2020

Author : Jamila Kapasi Jamila Kapasi

Our top priority is your safety as well as the safety of our team and partners, which is why all our upcoming tours are designed keeping in mind the new physical distancing and sanitizing measures.

From the moment you arrive till the moment you leave, we are striving hard to ensure proper health and sanitization procedures are implemented without compromising on the experience. 

Of course, as time goes on, the policies will evolve as per the local public health recommendations but we are excited to introduce to you the "New Responsible Way To Travel" where we are committed in keeping you safe as you explore the beautiful world around us.



Small Groups                                    
Even before Corona, we have firmly believed that traveling in small groups is the best way to form connections and gain experiences. Now more than ever, we are committed to limiting the group size and encouraging customized bookings of known family and friends.
Well Thought Out Itineraries
We have spent endless hours brainstorming on itineraries that are unique, off beat, isolated and less crowded where the social interactions can be limited without compromising on the experience. Our itineraries are designed keeping the current situation in mind and it provides a safe environment to travel to and will evolve as per future updates
Choosing The Right Stays We have always selected our accommodation partners carefully and now we are working with them to create new procedures to further protect your health and safety. Because we travel in small groups, we stay at smaller hotels — which means fewer guests. Not only does this give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your fellow travellers (with appropriate distancing), but you'll come in contact with fewer people, too.

Safe Mode of Transport Our private vehicles are sanitized and follow all the necessary safety precautions to help you reach your destination with confidence. We limit the number of travellers in a vehicle and ensure safe distance is maintained. Hand sanitizer and mask will be required every time you board the vehicle.

Hygienic Food
Our food is locally procured and cooked in hygienic conditions. We will only include eating experiences at places where proper hygiene is maintained.

Responsible Travel
It’s possible to travel as long as we travel responsibly. We firmly believe that we should not risk local communities and sensitive regions. We encourage you as well as our partners to take all necessary precautions.


You have showered us with love over the last 3 years and appreciated the travel experiences that we have curated for you. We have noticed that in the current situation, most of our existing itineraries need modifications to adapt to the “New Responsible Way to Travel” in providing a safe travel environment to you and while we are on the way to do so, we are extremely excited to launch our new itineraries that are exclusively designed to help you travel and explore places as safely as possible in these current times. We will bring back our old itineraries soon but until then we are excited to show you the more off beat, remote and unique travel places.


Proper health clearance certificate

    Wear masks at all times esp while interacting with the staff and locals

      Maintain proper physical distance and respect each others personal space

        Regular washing and sanitizing of hands

          Cooperate with our team during the safety and health checks 

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