Traveling with Perks - goSTOPS Community Volunteering Program

Published on: Nov. 26, 2021

Author : Rachitaaggarwal Rachitaaggarwal

Have you wondered about what it's like to work in a hostel? This question may have arisen if you’ve stayed in any of our goSTOPS properties or if you have been reading the many blogs on our site. Well, we have news for you! We at goSTOPS have always been about focusing on our travel community. And now, we are proud to announce our community volunteering program that will enable people to experience goSTOPS on a whole new level! While this program was shifted on the back burner due to the pandemic, we’re thrilled to kickstart it since tourism is on the road to recovery. 

Continue reading our article to know more about this fantastic opportunity you can take advantage of.  

What's The goSTOPS Community Volunteering Program About?

We brainstormed different areas on how to make our brand more than just a place with quality accommodation. We wanted to go beyond that and hence, came up with the community volunteering program. Here, volunteers would be instrumental in creating interactive experiences for the guests that in turn facilitate better engagement. In return, they get to enjoy the many comforts and frills of our goSTOPS properties; we have over 20 after all! 

By doing this, we are not only developing more memories for our guests but also establishing a sense of community among our travelers. And that’s why we are looking for travel enthusiasts who will help us in establishing that connection. 

Amongst that, volunteers will get hands-on experience on how a hostel is run while serving the community and enjoying the best of hostel living.

What Inspired Us To Create This Program?

Hostels thrive on communities. And a travel community that emits a warm welcome, that feels like fun and feels like family, is what we are striving for. We want our community to be so warm that when a guest enters our properties, they should immediately feel at home. And that’s where our volunteers will come into the picture. They will bridge that gap between the hostel and its community. 

We have an app launching soon which will enable travelers at different goSTOPS properties to share their experiences virtually. But with the community volunteering program, you have a physical presence. This makes interactions more feasible and the goSTOPS community more well-knit.

Why Community Volunteers? Why Just Not Do It Ourselves?

The role our volunteers play is integral. Without them, achieving an interactive community would be tricky. Of course, we could use our staff in catering to this goal, but that would be impossible since they’ve their own set of duties to complete. 

Here, a community volunteer is beyond an ideal guide. They’re the guest’s best friend and will help in making the stay even more memorable. A community volunteer will not only be outgoing but also will be creative in implementing interactive strategies for the hostel community. 

What’s In It For You 

Community volunteering is more of a give-and-take relationship. As you work as a volunteer at goSTOPS, you’ll learn the ropes about the ins and outs of the hostel industry. To top that, you will garner a valuable learning experience over those who don't. Plus, did we mention - full access to our dorms, our amazing common rooms, the game rooms, and tons of interactions with like-minded travelers! Doesn't sound convincing enough? Have a look at our perks: 


  • You will get to stay in our dorms for a minimum period of a month at no charge! However, you will be charged for food daily (250/- per day). But that shall be reimbursed after completing the volunteering period. To make the amount much clearer, you will be reimbursed 7500/- for the 30 days you have stayed with us (250*30 = 7500/-). 

  • For your volunteering, you will receive a certificate of appreciation after completion of your tenure. 

  • You will learn to organize activities that will imprint a long-lasting memory on the experiences of travelers. 

  • If it's been your heart’s desire to meet new travelers and learn from their traveling experiences, then you have signed up for the right program. 

  • By engaging with the community, you will be able to sharpen your interpersonal skills. These skills are necessary for surviving in the industry, and are a personal skillset boost! 

  • Last but not least, you will have the most fun interacting with the place and be thrilled to grow with fellow volunteers.


What We Need From You 

  • A person who loves traveling, and using that same drive to create effective content on social media platforms. More specifically, those who have a knack for videography and photography.


  • We are looking for a person who has the gift of the gab. Someone who can connect and establish relationships, all the while having a patient listening ear. 


  • A person who has a geographically sound understanding of the place like the back of their hand. And one who will help in promoting our goEXPERIENCES to our guests. 

  • Someone who can take feedback and constructive criticism from the guests and ensure that there is nothing affecting quality.

Are You Ready For A Journey Of New Experiences? 

If you ever wanted to test the waters of the hostel industry, then this is your chance. We have included the community volunteering form here so that you can fill it whenever you’re ready. By interacting with new people, devising new creative strategies, and just resting in our spacious dorms, you will indeed grow and be a better version of yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Come play a bigger part in forming the goSTOPS travel community!

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