Unique Places To Visit Near Jamshedpur

Published on: Oct. 24, 2018

Author : Prasad Deshpande Prasad Deshpande

Jamshedpur is among those places which hardly have any tourism connect. Yet it abounds with various locations within its vicinity that summons every traveller to come, admire and get lost in the unique settings. Be it beach, plateau or religious places, you can take pleasure of every site from this city in Jharkhand.

  1. Puri

    How many places come to your mind when you think of both religion and sea? Surely not many, right? Puri is one such amazing place where you can combine both religious faith and sea adventures- two reasons for visiting this place. The temple of Lord Jagannath is a must-visit whether you offer prayers. The entire ambiance and the traditional lunch are the X factors of this site. In the afternoon, watch the way a dedicated person climbs up the walls of the temple to hoist the flag. In the evening, spend time by the mighty sea. You can also have some shopping time by choosing the best Handloom collection.

  2. Mandarmoni

    If you imagine beach as a serene, calm and quiet place with less people; there’s nothing like Mandarmoni. A 5 hour trip from Jamshedpur shall take you to this hotspot in West Bengal. Away from the hustle and bustle, it gives you the perfect countryside experience. Stay in village-theme hotels, have local fish for lunch and relax in the natural spa. The place is so peaceful that you won’t even find people on a shopping spree.

  3. Mukutmanipur

    Drive for two and half hours to find yourself in another Unique Places to Visit Near Jamshedpur. With hills on one side and green valleys on the other, Mukutmanipur is a paradise in itself. The charming view of Pareshnath Hills along with a few temples, the elegant Ambikanagar- a natural garden and the lively Banpuluria Deer Park is all that you can enjoy in this place. Click some breathtaking scenes from the hills; talk with the tribals of Ambikanagar, purchase some handicrafts made of bamboo and run along with the deer in the park. After all these, you’ll never feel like coming back.

  4. Purulia

    In Bengal, it is known as ‘Lal Mati’ because of the laterite soil. It is a hill plateau which you can best visit during the winters. The noteworthy spots are the Mama Bhagne Pahar, Joychandi Pahar and Baranti Hill. The ‘Chou’ dance of Purulia is another interesting thing to enjoy. Look around for such events and if you manage to see any performance, your evening is sorted.

  5. Maithan

    Visit Maithan only to see waters all around you. Starting with the Maithan dam, you can do boating in the Maithan Lake; relax your mind in the Topchanchi Lake and offer prayers in the Kalyaneshwari Temple. The Mainthan dam is of great significance in India’s history for being the first dam post-independence. All the uniqueness and beauty gives it the title of ‘Kashmir of Koyelaanchal’.

By virtue of all these wonderful sites, Jamshedpur can now free itself from the ‘no tourism connect’ tag. Choose your favourite destinations and talk with the expert travel hosts of Logout World. With utmost enthusiasm, these hosts are ready to share their knowledge and experiences about places. They give the best travel guide while you take all tour-related decisions. Come to Logout World and discover multiple ways to enjoy these Unique Places to Visit Near Jamshedpur.