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Barren Island : Only Active Volcano In India




About This Place

Barren Island is situated in the Andaman Sea, and lies about 138 km (86 mi) northeast of the territory's capital, Port Blair. It is the only active Volcano along the chain from Sumatra to Myanmar and also the only active volcano in India. Barren Island is a part of the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and is well known as a Submarine emergent Volcano, which lies above the subduction zone of India and Burmese plate.

Its name is evidently justified as it is a barren area uninhabited by humans, though it has a small population of goats. Also birds, bats like flying foxes and a few rodent species such as rats are known to survive the severe conditions. Also unpeopled and bereft of any significant vegetation.


Andaman and Nicobar

Best Time to Visit

Around the Year.

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Govt. Guidelines

Barren Island comes under the restricted zone and special permits has to be taken to visit Barren Island. In addition, no one is allowed to land on the Barren Island. No night stay is allowed at Barren Island.

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Best Access

Airport : Port Blair
Railway station : N/A
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Commonly Visited From

Port Blair

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Police Station

Port Blair


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Petrol Pump

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