Campbell Bay

About This Place

Campbell Bay is the largest island(Great Nicobar Island) of Nicobar District. The bay has a significant Sikh population and is known as mini Punjab too.One of the most famous Indira Point, The Last Southern point of India is located on this Island.

Campbell Bay National Park is a beautiful place, located here. Campbell Bay National Park was established in the year of 1992. Total area of the park is 426.23 Km2. The National Park is one of the 96 sanctuaries in the islands. There are a total of 572 islands that form the Andaman and Nicobar stretch. It is a part of the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve, and is separated from the smaller Galathea National Park by a 12-km wide forest buffer zone. The park reserve's flora includes tropical evergreen forest, tree fern, and orchids and fauna includes Crab-eating macaque, giant robber crab, megapode, and Nicobar pigeon.


Andaman & Nicobar

Best Time to Visit

December to May.

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Best Access

Airport : Port Blair
Railway station : N/A
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Commonly Visited From

Port Blair

Popular Route

Port Blair->Campbell Bay

One can reach Campbell Bay from Port Blair by Pawan Hans Helicopter service. Inter Island Boat from Port Blair is also available which usually travels via Little Andaman, Car Nicobar and Nancowry en route to Campbell Bay. Govt. operated Ship Vessel (MV Campbell Bay) operated once in a week from Port Blair (Phoenix Bay) to Campbell Bay in Total 24 Hours, for which Fare is Bunk (INR420), Seat (INR950), Deluxe (INR1300) w.e.f. 01/05/2016.

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