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The Yoga Teacher Training courses offered in Dharamsala are structured into different durations, allowing aspiring teachers to progress through various levels of expertise. The journey typically begins with a 200-hour training program, followed by advanced levels of 300 and 500 hours.

The 300-hour yoga teacher training program in Dharamsala delves deeper into the practice, including the Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series, kriyas, pranayama, meditation, and alignment and adjustment techniques. Students are provided with comprehensive tools and guidance to enhance their teaching skills and deepen their understanding of yoga.

The initial 200 hours of training focus on mastering the Ashtanga Yoga Elementary Series, with the remaining 100 hours dedicated to further study or preparation for the intermediate course. Students are introduced to the Intermediate series under the guidance of experienced teachers, who assess their readiness for progression based on their performance and capabilities.

Ultimately, the 300-hour program aims to expand students' knowledge and awareness of yoga practice, preparing them to teach advanced techniques and theories with confidence. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including pranayama, kriya, meditation, and anatomy, providing students with a solid foundation for their teaching journey.

Overall, the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Dharamsala aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become proficient yoga teachers, guiding them on a transformative journey towards mastery and self-discovery in the field of yoga.


- The 300-hour yoga teacher training program offers deep exploration of ancient practices, Vedas, philosophy, and literature.

- Emphasis is placed on personal growth and engagement of both students and teachers.

- Students develop inner peace and meditation techniques, gaining valuable tools for their yoga journey.

- The course structure ensures comprehensive learning, with focus on understanding each asana deeply and facilitating others' practice.

- Segmented instruction enhances students' understanding and teaching abilities, making the program highly effective.

- Topics covered include yoga sequencing, physiology, and anatomy, prioritizing depth of knowledge.

- Students embrace a yogic lifestyle, immersing themselves in Vedic culture and deepening their understanding of yoga.

- With a duration of 300 hours, the course allows ample time for exploration and learning.

- Outdoor activities, prayer sessions, and excursions enrich the experience, creating a fulfilling and transformative journey.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is physically and mentally fit can join the course, irrespective of religion and nation. It is preferred if the Participant is good in English.

  • - Yogic discussions, Hatha yoga workshops, guided meditation sessions, and deep pranayama are integral parts of the 300-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala.
  • - The daily schedule starts with wake-up time at 6 am, followed by Ayurvedic tea and neti action, leading to pranayama sessions at 7 am.
  • - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes run from 8 am to 10 am on weekdays, followed by breakfast and darshan class until noon.
  • - Physiology and Anatomy classes take place from 12 pm to 1 pm, followed by lunch and a break for self-study.
  • - Afternoon sessions cover alignment, adjustment skills, teaching methods, and optional marketing classes.
  • - Evening sessions include meditation, chanting, yoga nidra, and dinner, with lights out at 9 pm.
  • - Accommodation includes lodging facilities with bedding, pillows, and blankets, and food consists of completely vegetarian, vegan, and satvik options, including herbal and green teas.
  • - The syllabus covers various topics such as Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Hatha Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, Yoga sutra of Patanjali, anatomy, philosophy, chanting mantras, meditation, and breathing techniques.
  • - The course emphasizes correct asana practice, body alignment, Bhakti Yoga through Kirtan and chanting, and learning the art of giving an Ayurvedic massage.

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