“An exciting session of Freestyle Footballing”

Adventure And Sports

What's This About?

1 Slots

₹ 2000

2 Hrs

Bavdhan, Pune


-The expert will give you a basic introduction to freestyle football.
- He will explain you the categories of free-styling.
- You will understand the difference between the sport and the art form.
- He will brief you about the judging system and the various types of competitions
that take place.
- He will show you the different types of tricks of freestyle football (upper body &
lower body).
- He will give you a live demonstration of all tricks (upper-body & lower-body).
- He will be teaching you 1 - 2 tricks as well.
- He will also be showing you the videos of other professionals doing freestyle
- You will also get a chance to witness a performance by the expert for about 2-3
mins (how cool is that!).
- This is a one to one Experience

What's Included?

- Teaching 1 to 2 tricks
- Performance by the Expert.

What's Excluded?

- Travel to the Venue

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