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Key Attractions
Art Couple Friendly Tribal Art
Recommended For

Art enthusiasts, DIY lovers, Kids of 8 years and above.

1 Slots

₹ 1999.00

4 Hrs

Pune, Maharashtra

How To Reach

Batch 1
Date: 9 March, 2019
Venue -
Ekattha Art Faktory, 11/B, 3rd floor, Ajay Apartments, above Cantabil Showroom, near Parihar Chowk, Sindh Society, Ward No. 8, Sadhu Vasvani Nagar, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007

Batch 2
Date: 10 March, 2019
Venue -
Footloose Journeys, Plot No. 16, Lane No. 2, Alankar Society Rd, Alankar Society, Ganesh Nagar, Karve Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411052

What's Included

All materials required for weaving, including bamboo and other fixtures.
Refreshments - tea & biscuits on the house!
The final creation that participants can take home.


What we will do ?
Bamboo weaving Creating bamboo handicrafts

Travel Not Applicable

Stay Not Applicable

Snacks | Tea and Refreshments

Preserving our Art, Cherishing our Artisan (s)

Join us for a Bamboo handicraft workshop taught by the tribal artists of Dang, Gujarat.

Price: Rs. 1999 per person.

Date - 9 & 10 March, 2019

There are two venues for two different batches -
Batch 1 ( 9th March ) - Ekattha - The Art Faktory
Batch 2 ( 10th March ) - Footloose Journeys

The basic bamboo handicraft workshop will be conducted by Mahesh Bhai, a tribal artisan from the beautiful district of The Dang, Gujarat, who is skilled at the art of making bamboo handicrafts and has been deriving his livelihood through it since forever.

What will you learn?
✔About Bamboo and Dang
✔Bamboo cutting
✔Bamboo strip peeling and treating (theory)
✔Bamboo weaving
✔Bamboo tea coasters
✔Bamboo baskets
✔Bamboo lamps

PS - You can take the items you make to decorate your house or gift it to your loved ones!

More about the artist:

A father of 3 wonderful kids, Mahesh Bhai gained an interest in the bamboo crafts at a very early age and is now a popular bamboo craftsman in his village. He loves to make bamboo baskets, letter-post, and mats for his home; but the increasing machine made bamboo products has decreased demand for his artwork. He gets a few orders from the forest department or NGOs working in the area, but his work needs more exposure for his creativity to sustain.

Recently, Mahesh Bhai conducted a workshop on bamboo handicrafts for our guests who visited Dang. Now he is coming to the city of Pune for the first time to spread the intricate art of bamboo weaving and handicraft.

More about us:
India is a land of latent talent, hidden in nooks and crooks of our villages and small towns. As a venture, Tales & Treasures is always on the lookout for such native artisans and provide them with a platform to share their skill with the rest of the world, either by bringing them to the urban areas or taking the urban dwellers to these rural abodes.

DM or WhatsApp us on +919899923870 or +919891220975 for any questions!


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