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Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is written on every school website's wall. The world capital of yoga, lush green forests surround Rishikesh, the Holy River mother Ganga, and thousands of spiritual ashrams for learning the best yoga in the world. It is also a highly recommended and famous destination for the best yoga teacher training in rishikesh. Rishikesh is known as a spiritual energy spot. It attracts millions of devotees worldwide, seeking an inner spiritual journey through yoga.


The Association for Yoga and Meditation - the best yoga school in Rishikesh (AYM Yoga School in Rishikesh) is registered with the Yoga Alliance USA and situated in this beautiful lap of green mountains. Our primary objective is to train the best yoga teachers through the best yoga master, using the best modern technology to understand the ancient science of yoga. Our syllabus is designed to give the students complete exposure to yogic techniques in 200 hour residential yoga teacher training in rishikesh300 hour residential yoga teacher training in rishikesh and 500 hours residential yoga teacher teaching certifications in Rishikesh India.


At AYM, we conduct the best yoga course in Rishikesh as we are dedicated to giving enough time for simulated teaching practice, which turns you into the best yoga teacher. It allows the trainees to gain the necessary experience to become the world's best yoga instructors. We focus a lot of energy on teaching the postures (Asanas) safely and securely. The anatomy and physiology of the human body are studied during the yoga course in Rishikesh. Studying anatomy provides insight into how yoga affects the human body. During yoga teacher training, we focus on adjusting students (correcting postures). It is a famous saying, "Practice makes perfect", so we allow our students to practice as much as possible. Our teacher Trainers use props such as ropes, blocks, blankets, boosters, tables, and chairs to decrease the chances of injury.


Thousands of sadhus, seers, yogis, and spiritual practitioners have meditated in Rishikesh for thousands of years, turning it into a unique destination for yoga. Some claim that one can feel Rishikesh’s spiritual energy upon arrival. Tourists are welcomed here with happy smiles and warm hearts. Everyone here is glad to share the science of happiness they have learned through yoga. The natural setting and the spiritual environment make it the best place for yoga and spirituality worldwide.


Rishikesh has many yoga schools that offer best yoga teacher training for beginner in rishikesh Still, AYM Yoga ttc in rishikesh is outstanding with its high standard of teaching and largest campus. The best yoga teacher training course in rishikesh is hard to find as many new yoga schools are coming daily. As with anything, when yoga continues to gain popularity worldwide, some are starting to skew its true essence by turning it into a business. There is a handful of that teaching yoga without proper experience or training. This is detrimental to the art and can result in student injuries. So, if you want a school to get the best yoga training in rishikesh, we urge you to research before signing up.


This course focuses on the practice of different techniques of yoga which are structured systematic and it covers yoga theory alongside practice. The syllabus is divided into two parts, which includes practice and theoretical yoga lectures.

There are six modules that will cover all the key components of yoga::

  • Module 1. Yoga philosophy
  • Module 2. Yoga Asanas (postures)
  • Module 3. Yoga Pranayamas (Breathing exercise)
  • Module 4. Yoga Meditation and Relaxation
  • Module 5. Yoga Teaching Methodology
  • Module 6. Yoga sat kriyas (therapeutic detoxification)

Each module has a practice part and a lecture part. This combination makes understanding the concepts comprehensive. It is a unique system developed by our experienced yoga masters and teacher trainers. Our mission is to spread high-quality yoga education.

This is an advanced course, which focuses on the application of different techniques of yoga to heal and deepen spirituality. This course will allow you to become an expert in yoga therapy and different styles of yoga.

The styles of yoga included in Registered 300 hour yoga course are as follows:

1. Vinyasa Yoga - Hatha Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Flow Vinyasa, Gentle Vinyasa, theory, and practice - focus one week

2. Flow Yoga - Hatha Flow, Ashtanga Flow, Power Flow, Gentle Flow. Theory and practice - focus one week

3. Sivananda Yoga and sukshmavyayama- beginner and advance series. Theory and practice - focus one week

4. Yoga Therapy - Yoga for back pain, yoga for high blood pressure, yoga for constipation, yoga for IBS, yoga for heart disease, yoga for diabetes, yoga for pregnancy, yoga for looking young, yoga for positive health. Yog for a headache and migraine, yoga for arthritis, yoga for asthma, yoga for neck pain and more - Theory and practice - focus three weeks.

5. Ayurveda - Basic knowledge of Ayurveda, which can help in healthy living, how to use Ayurveda according to the doshas and to diagnose and cure diseases, use of Ayurveda for sequencing and practice of yoga of one own kind. Ayurvedic cooking, Ayurvedic massage and herbs for a natural healing. Fruits and vegetables for a different disease. - Theory and practice - focus one week.

6. Deeper Knowledge and Spirituality: focus will be on Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and meeting with spiritual Babas and Sadhus.

This is the most advance course we have. It focuses on detailed study and practice of Hatha, Ashtanga, and Multi-style yoga asana along with meditation. It is a course meant to transform a student into a complete yoga instructor.
500-hour course module includes:

  1. 1. Daily asana (pose) classes
  2. 2. Pranayama & Meditation
  3. 3. Yoga Anatomy
  4. 4. Physiology
  5. 5. Teaching Methodology
  6. 6. Multi-style yoga
  7. 7. Concepts & practice of Restorative yoga
  8. 8. Yoga Therapy

This course is meant for those who wish to do beginner to advance level best yoga course.

AYM Yoga School

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AYM Yoga School

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Yoga School in India Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) Yoga School in Rishikesh is a non-profit organization registered with the government of India. Spiritual Master Yogi Chetan Mahesh leads the school. It was founded by famous Indian yogis in 2005. We aim to spread happiness and health through traditional and ancient yogic wisdom. AYM Yoga School is a true spiritual yoga Ashram, lying 1-km. Away from the holy banks of Mother Ganga and in the lap of the lush green Himalayas. It is the largest yoga school in Rishikesh, providing yoga and meditation to its thousands of spiritual pilgrims from all corners of the Earth. With over 100 rooms, the facilities perfectly blend modern amenities and traditional, spiritual feel and comfort. Vision and Mission AYM Yoga School in Rishikesh has a vision of training highly trained teachers with deep knowledge and understanding of yoga. The primary focus of AYM is to train qualified yoga teachers that can spread the benefits of yoga to society. We also have a mission to remove anxiety, depression from the modern society. Additionally, we focus on healing personal and family problems by practising simple, authentic, and traditional yoga. AYM Yoga training is based on classical teaching styles: asana, pranayama, meditation, stress management and detoxification techniques. AYM invites everyone to experience and realize the real meaning of yoga by understanding its simple, integrated and holistic techniques. We want you to achieve health, harmony, and happiness while discovering your hidden potential. AYM aims to bring out human excellence at personal, professional, social and spiritual levels through Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jayana yoga, and Hatha yoga's Tantric culture. Aims and Objectives of AYM India The AYM yoga teacher training school aims to spread yoga by TTC education and specialized yoga classes in India. Our main objectives are: 1. Establishment of yoga study centers in India and abroad. 2. Developing standards for yoga teacher training programs and assisting other schools. 3. Leading and integrating spiritual communities and yoga schools in India. 4. Promotion of research in yoga and yoga institutes in India. History of AYM In September 2005, it became apparent that a standard for yoga teacher training at the national level (in India) was necessary. Yogi Chetan Mahesh and other well-known yoga experts and great yoga Gurus decided to make a foundation to solve the matter and registered an organization named 'Association for Yoga and Meditation' with the government of India. The AYM Yoga Studio in Rishikesh and other training institutes follow traditional and ancient yoga practices with a scientific approach. In 2005, AYM Yoga Academy of India also got the status as a National Organization of India and became a member of the (IYF) International Yoga Federation. AYM also sets standards for yoga study centers in India according to the guidelines of the IYF. Graduates from AYM can register at IYF and the Yoga Alliance USA. There are national yoga associations in most of the countries, which organize yoga activities and sports at the national level. The winners at National level Sports Activities in India can represent at international levels held by IYF. In 2006, AYM passed a resolution to make an administering body for keeping the international standards of yoga by the name of (IYA) Indian Yoga Alliance. Activities Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) is a National Educational organization of India engaged in the popularization and promotion of yoga education in its original and traditional form. To develop, promote and integrate yoga, Association for Yoga and Meditation set and follow the standard in teaching training and development of yoga.

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