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Priyanka Negi

Priyanka Negi

I have been part of 2 treks so far and I love every second I had spent on these treks. From coordination to general guidance to the overall knowledge shared about the place , everything is complete and precise.The kind of people that have come together for these treks are commendable for the overall energy they carry and willingness to help each other during the treks. I am looking forward for many more treks through this group. Thank you TreksUnlimited

Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma

The Trek was well planned and executed. I had a very good Experience, Nice conversations & a lot of fun after a long time. I have done many good treks in the past and this was my first with this group. So, thinking that this review is sheer out of my first trek experience would not be true. Praveen, Shiva & Neha managed it very well. All people in the group for this trek were cool in their own way. Improvements are always there to adopt. I would recommend people travelling with Treks unlimited.

Saroja Nimmagadda

Saroja Nimmagadda

I am not going to talk about logistics. In fact I am not the right person to talk about them as I haven't traveled as much to rate any traveling agent for their logistics. I will pen down my own experience, so if you are looking for a technical review, please do a hard pass on mine 😉 There are certain perks for being blithely ignorant. When a friend of mine suggested me to contact Vini for a trip which I wanted to take for a while, I thought it's just a group of friends going on a trip and they were okay with me tagging along. I believed so until I came home and added them on facebook. It never once occurred to me that this might be a traveling agent whom I am traveling with for two reasons : a.) They were like a bunch of new friends you make b.) I had zero idea how treks work before this. Going alone with a bunch of strangers might not look like a big deal for so many people, but for me, a person who never goes out on weekends, who prefers to be shut inside and be alone, it's down right terrifying. Even before boarding the bus, I was about to turn around and go back home, but I took a step and Praveen happened to open his mouth and say "hi", from that moment on, it never felt like a scary thing to do, this trip, because he wouldn't stop smiling or talking . As a first timer, when I walked through the forest floor in darkness it knocked the courage I had from every cell of my body. All I wished for was this walk to end, my mental demons haunted me, taunted me.Fortunately ,there always is a hand to hold you, another one to hold a torch, and a voice to guide you through the darkness. I was worried that I am slowing them down but they never thought so or at least they never let me know 🙂 I can't speak for everyone but this one trip taught me so much more about myself. I would gladly go for as many trips as possible with Treks Unlimited. I always thought cynically about the world, I bet most of us do. This trip I took with Treks Unlimited made me trust strangers just a bit more and reminded me that all friends were once strangers

Dilip Pn

Dilip Pn

I have been to a lot of treks and outdoors with many groups, but the experience with Treks unlimited is something amazing. Cool people, flexible arrangements, good selection of places to stay, everything taken care of beforehand, and very pro-active. Everything and everyone is so smooth and chilled-out. Guys, thanks for making Dudhsagar trek also look soo smooth, which is not an easy task at all, given so many restrictions and problems nowdays, will surely come with you on future treks if possible.

Nagashree Athreya

Nagashree Athreya

Well, I have to say this since this was my first trekking experience. It was TRULY AMAZING. I had no clue before how the treks would be, meeting new people and getting along with them. But everything went so good that I didn’t even feel like heading back. The organisers were super awesome😍😍 who constantly engaged themselves with every single person who had come for the trek, making them comfortable and boosting their energy levels. I’m really thankful for them. Would love to join them for more upcoming treks🤗.

Rajesh Varma R

Rajesh Varma R

amazing group.. very friendly.. what inspired me was when Vasudha & Vini started picking up plastics left behind by other travellers in the otherwise lush green n forest area. We all followed them and we collected two large bags of plastic waste by the end of the day. cheers guys. 🙂👍

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