Kothrud Cleanliness, Drip Irrigation Installation and Maintenance Drive

Hill View Residency, Kothrud, Pune 411038, Pramathesh Housing Society, Jijai Nagar, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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All About It

We at Forengers, dedicate our Sunday mornings to the Environment. Every Sunday, we have Tree Plantation, Maintainance as well as Cleanliness Drives. For the last few weeks, we've been carrying out Maintenance Drives along with Cleanliness Drives as the current season is not appropriate for Tree Plantation. In the maintenance drive, the Core Team goes up tue hill early to observe all the saplings before the commencement of the drive, to figure out which sapling needs attention and not the sapling numbers down. After the drive begins, we allot the present members as per the teams and their Team Leaders. The main tasks include Green Shed Installation/Repair, Sapling Maintainance, Watering, etc. We tend to the existing Green Sheds if they need any repair and create a pit around the sapling as to prevent the sapling from catching wildfires.


This Sunday we aim to finish 50-60 saplings with drip irrigation, maintenance of 60-70 saplings and clean all the garbage at the foot of Mahatma Tekdi.

Who should attend?

If you are conscious about climate change and actually want to make an impact, you are all welcome. People with age between 16 - 30 are especially invited to attend as the drive includes hill climbing

Maintenance of Sapling Installation of Greenshed and Drip Irrigation Facility and Waste Collection

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Cleanliness : In the cleanliness drive, we clean the area along the foothills of Mahatma Hill. After the cleanliness team is done with the surrounding area of the hill, they come up and help out the maintenance teams and also clean the hill. Drip Irrigation: In Drip irrigation we use plastic bottles, make a tiny hole on the cap and insert a sutali(thread) inside the bottle. And then we tie it to a bamboo upside down. This Sunday we aim to finish around 50-60 saplings with drip irrigation Maintenance: We at forengers conduct Maintainance drives every Sunday. In this drive, we repair the saplings which are not properly planted. They can be identified when we see the roots on the surface. So we transplant the sapling again by making a bigger pit. We have already installed greensheds around every plant that we have planted so far. The surrounding grass was recently lit to remove all the grass and thick undergrowth in the area. Due to this we lost some greenshed. To counter this problem we have started clearing the grass around our grensheds. We also dig circular trenches surrounding the greenshed to prevent growth of grass. This Sunday we aim to finish the maintenance 60-70 saplings.

Previous Waste Collection Drive
Cleanliness Drive
Grass Removal around Sapling

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Forengers emerged out of a simple idea to plant one sapling per week. With this philosophy, we hosted an event on social media to invite anyone who was interested and saw a good turnout. And it has grown ever since, now we host cleanliness drives along with plantation campaigns. Each sapling we plant is tagged, covered with a shed of bamboo and cloth, watered 4 times a week and tracked for growth. We ensure that every sapling survives the next monsoon season so that it can survive the later stages on its own. Moreover, the garbage we collect is disposed to composting facilities or recycling centers based on the nature of waste ensuring minimum impact. We want to shift the focus of masses from mere concern to action. A lot is being shared by people in classrooms, social media platforms, etc but we aim to provide our community a platform where they can actually make an impact.

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Gloves and Bio degradable bags for collecting waste.


People can bring their own gardening tools for plant maintenance.

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