Lets Brew some Indian filter Coffee !

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What's This About?

5 Slots

₹ 755

1 - 1.5 hrs

Dhanukar Colony, Pune


- To start with, you will be given a brief knowledge about freshly roasted and ground coffees.
- You will be equipped with all the required instruments and materials such as Indian filter, freshly ground coffee, tablespoon, a cup (120ml), hot water and milk.
- The procedure will be demonstrated simultaneously and you will perform the procedure along with the Expert.
- The process will last for around 1 - 1.5 hrs.
- This will be followed by the tasting session where you will taste the coffee brewed by yourself in the form in which you prefer it.
- We will end the experience with a question and answer session where all your queries will be answered.
-You will also be given access to the sources where you can buy the whole brewing kit and different types of coffees at a discounted price as on add on to the experience.
- The experience will be conducted at the Ustad's place in Dhanukar coclony.
- Min 2 to max 5 participants.

What's Included?

- Material for brewing your own filter coffee.
- One can also buy the starter kit at a discounted price along with the experience and use it during the experience. ( will be delivered during the experience)
- Coffee tasting

What's Excluded?

- Travel to the Venue
- Snacks

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