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is often used to cultivate mindfulness and awareness in daily life.

During our Traditional Meditation Course/Workshop in Rishikesh, you will delve deep into the ancient practices of meditation. Led by experienced instructors, you will learn various meditation techniques rooted in tradition, including mantra chanting, breath awareness, and mindfulness meditation. Through guided sessions and practical exercises, you will develop the skills to lead meditation sessions effectively.

Our program emphasizes not only personal practice but also the ability to guide others on their meditation journey. You will learn how to tailor meditation techniques to suit the needs and preferences of individuals and groups. Additionally, you will explore the philosophical and spiritual aspects of meditation, gaining insights into its profound impact on mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Rishikesh, with its spiritual ambiance and serene surroundings, provides the perfect backdrop for deepening your meditation practice. Immersed in the energy of this sacred city, you will embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and self-discovery.

Whether you are new to meditation or seeking to enhance your existing practice, our Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh offers a comprehensive and enriching experience. Join us as we explore the timeless wisdom of meditation and cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the universe.


- Comprehensive curriculum covering theory and practice of meditation
- Learn about meditation history, philosophy, and benefits
- Develop skills to create conducive meditation environments
- Hands-on teaching practice with feedback
- Held in the spiritual city of Rishikesh
- Surround yourself with the serene beauty of the Himalayas
- Connect with a supportive global community
- Suitable for both yoga teachers and personal practitioners

The timings of the traditional workshop will be the same as that of the Kundalini workshop. Classes will be held in the morning and evening and divided into two sessions. The morning session will include a 1-hour lecture and a 2 ½ hour practical class, and again 1-hour lecture and a 2 ½ hour practical class in the evening. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided daily at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m., afternoon, and evening. Tea will be provided twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Kundalini yoga is a state of yoga in which you have to awaken your Kundalini or inner divine power through chakras, while piercing them during the process; so that it can reach the Sahasra chakra. Once the Kundalini has awakened, it automatically purifies the body and relieves it of all physical and mental ailments.

Kundalini Yoga includes mantra chanting, pranayama and practice of asanas (yoga poses). It is aimed at awakening the spiritual potential of a person to uphold moral values, always speak truth and focus on consciousness to heal and serve self, and others.

AYM Yoga School

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AYM Yoga School

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Yoga School in India Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) Yoga School in Rishikesh is a non-profit organization registered with the government of India. Spiritual Master Yogi Chetan Mahesh leads the school. It was founded by famous Indian yogis in 2005. We aim to spread happiness and health through traditional and ancient yogic wisdom. AYM Yoga School is a true spiritual yoga Ashram, lying 1-km. Away from the holy banks of Mother Ganga and in the lap of the lush green Himalayas. It is the largest yoga school in Rishikesh, providing yoga and meditation to its thousands of spiritual pilgrims from all corners of the Earth. With over 100 rooms, the facilities perfectly blend modern amenities and traditional, spiritual feel and comfort. Vision and Mission AYM Yoga School in Rishikesh has a vision of training highly trained teachers with deep knowledge and understanding of yoga. The primary focus of AYM is to train qualified yoga teachers that can spread the benefits of yoga to society. We also have a mission to remove anxiety, depression from the modern society. Additionally, we focus on healing personal and family problems by practising simple, authentic, and traditional yoga. AYM Yoga training is based on classical teaching styles: asana, pranayama, meditation, stress management and detoxification techniques. AYM invites everyone to experience and realize the real meaning of yoga by understanding its simple, integrated and holistic techniques. We want you to achieve health, harmony, and happiness while discovering your hidden potential. AYM aims to bring out human excellence at personal, professional, social and spiritual levels through Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jayana yoga, and Hatha yoga's Tantric culture. Aims and Objectives of AYM India The AYM yoga teacher training school aims to spread yoga by TTC education and specialized yoga classes in India. Our main objectives are: 1. Establishment of yoga study centers in India and abroad. 2. Developing standards for yoga teacher training programs and assisting other schools. 3. Leading and integrating spiritual communities and yoga schools in India. 4. Promotion of research in yoga and yoga institutes in India. History of AYM In September 2005, it became apparent that a standard for yoga teacher training at the national level (in India) was necessary. Yogi Chetan Mahesh and other well-known yoga experts and great yoga Gurus decided to make a foundation to solve the matter and registered an organization named 'Association for Yoga and Meditation' with the government of India. The AYM Yoga Studio in Rishikesh and other training institutes follow traditional and ancient yoga practices with a scientific approach. In 2005, AYM Yoga Academy of India also got the status as a National Organization of India and became a member of the (IYF) International Yoga Federation. AYM also sets standards for yoga study centers in India according to the guidelines of the IYF. Graduates from AYM can register at IYF and the Yoga Alliance USA. There are national yoga associations in most of the countries, which organize yoga activities and sports at the national level. The winners at National level Sports Activities in India can represent at international levels held by IYF. In 2006, AYM passed a resolution to make an administering body for keeping the international standards of yoga by the name of (IYA) Indian Yoga Alliance. Activities Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM) is a National Educational organization of India engaged in the popularization and promotion of yoga education in its original and traditional form. To develop, promote and integrate yoga, Association for Yoga and Meditation set and follow the standard in teaching training and development of yoga.

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AYM Yoga School


Taking the Taxi

AYM can arrange you taxi pickup from the Delhi airport or the Dehradun airport. Charges for these services are as follows:

  1. +From Delhi: $90 single
  2. +From Delhi: $150 single Round Trip
  3. +From Dehradun: $20
  4. +From Haridwar: $25

Taxis will be available as you come out of the airports. Have the AYM address and contact information handy incase you need to contact us for directions!

If you are feeling a bit nervous about getting here, don't worry. You can give us a call and we can help you through the process.


Taking the Bus

If you decide to take a bus to Rishikesh from the Delhi airport, you will have to first get to the ISBT (bus stand) by taxi. You can use http://www.upsrtc.com website to book your bus ticket beforehand.
The bus ride from Delhi will take around 7-8 hours.

For the bus route from Delhi, first you need to get to the Delhi bus stand b taxi. The Delhi bus stand is located 30 km's from the airport. From the Delhi bus stand, you will then take a bus to Rishikesh.

This is a 230 km ride that will take around 7-8 hours. Once you arrive at the Rishikesh bus stand, you can take a rickshaw / tuk tuk to the AYM school.


Taking the Plane / Flight

Wherever in the world you are coming from, the Indira Gandhi Airport (IGI) International Airport in Delhi will be your entry point in India if you are heading to Rishikesh.

There are no direct flights to Rishikesh. So, if you wish to reach Rishikesh by plane, Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport will be your next destination.

You will need to catch a connecting flight to the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun from Delhi then catch a taxi to the AYM School.


Taking the Train

You can also take a train to from Delhi to Haridwar if you wish to travel by train. From the Delhi airport you need get to the Delhi railway station (by taxi) located 22 km's away to catch a train to Haridwar. From Haridwar, you can catch a bus to Rishikesh and catch a taxi to the AYM School. The bus ride from Haridwar to Rishikesh is 29 km's.

Note : That there are no direct trains to Rishikesh, so you will have to go to Haridwar first if you decide to take a train.

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Terms and Conditions

At AYM, our courses are carried out in 12 days, where students can develop a strong foundation in every aspect of yoga. Students are taught by our instructors how to behave like professionals, carry out classes and spread knowledge to others. After completing the courses, the students are provided with a recognized 100 hour yoga teacher training certification in Rishikesh, India, which is highly valuable. With this course certificate, one can use it anywhere in the world to teach yoga, including leading institutions.

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