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Hatha Yoga School, Upper Tapovan Tehri Garhwal, Rishikesh

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At Hatha Yoga School, nestled in the serene surroundings of Tapovan in Rishikesh, we curate exceptional yoga and meditation courses tailored for beginners. Surrounded by the majestic Himalayan foothills, our school offers an inspiring setting for yoga and meditation practices.

Beyond the physical benefits, yoga and meditation serve as potent avenues for spiritual growth and understanding. Our Meditation Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh provides a holistic approach to meditation, blending artistry and scientific knowledge.

Meditation serves as a profound tool for transcending negative traits like fear and suffering, paving the way for complete healing and inner peace. It's the gateway to mastery and ultimately, the state of Samadhi.

Contrary to common belief, meditation is a natural and effortless practice. Our yoga meditation classes in Rishikesh offer a firsthand experience of this truth, catering to individuals seeking professional yoga careers or spiritual enlightenment alike.

Led by experienced yoga teachers, our study programs seamlessly integrate yoga and meditation, both in individual and group settings. Upon completion, students receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate, a credential that enables them to teach yoga globally.

Our yoga and meditation courses in Rishikesh encompass both theoretical and practical studies, ensuring students emerge as well-rounded yoga professionals. From anatomy and physiology to philosophy, we cover every aspect of yoga to nurture comprehensive understanding and growth.


Yoga Philosophy

Teaching yoga philosophy is integral to our curriculum, offering profound insights into life and consciousness. Through these classes, students gain invaluable tools for addressing core life challenges. Understanding concepts like consciousness (atma) can dispel emotional issues, paving the path towards inner peace. Moreover, our meditation teacher training in India delves into the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga, guiding students towards the ultimate joy of union between Atma and Paramatma.


Considered the seventh limb of Ashtanga Yoga, meditation plays a pivotal role in overcoming the illusions of human existence. Through extensive study and practice, students learn to navigate the complexities of the mind, achieving clarity of thought and aligning with the path of a Yogi.


Purification of the body and mind through virtuous deeds is crucial for attaining ultimate knowledge. Shatkarma, or cleansing practices, form an essential part of our curriculum. Students receive comprehensive instruction on various Shatkarmas, their benefits, and necessary precautions.


Spiritual progress hinges on the purity of the heart and authenticity of one's being. True spiritual success transcends professional skills or degrees; it requires alignment with nature and authenticity. Through our teachings, students learn to embrace authenticity, discerning between genuine happiness and materialistic pursuits. They cultivate humility, prosperity, and inner power without succumbing to egoistic tendencies.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is physically and mentally fit can join the course, irrespective of religion and nation. It is preferred if the Participant is good in English.

Meditation Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Course Structure

Our comprehensive study program is designed to introduce beginners to the practice of yoga meditation in Rishikesh, guiding them through foundational concepts and techniques.

Introduction to Yoga and Meditation:

  • Students begin with an exploration of the fundamental principles of yoga and meditation.
  • Emphasis is placed on chanting 'Om' or similar mantras to enhance focus and concentration.
  • As students progress, they learn to deepen their connection with the self, achieving a state of inner emergence effortlessly.

Types of Meditation Taught:

Module 1: Chakra Meditation

  • Chakra meditation involves focusing on one chakra at a time, accompanied by chanting specific mantras tailored to each chakra.
  • Students learn the intricacies of activating and balancing the body's energy centers through dedicated chakra meditation practices.

Module 2: Kundalini Meditation

  • Kundalini meditation is an advanced practice aimed at awakening the dormant kundalini energy located at the base of the spine.
  • Experienced yogis guide students through this transformative practice, enabling them to harness and channel their inner energy effectively.

Module 3: Sound Meditation

  • Sound meditation involves the use of sound vibrations, such as chanting 'Om,' to deepen meditation experiences.
  • Students explore various techniques for incorporating sound into their meditation practice, enhancing mindfulness and relaxation.

Module 4: Mantra Meditation

  • Mantra meditation entails the repetition of specific words or phrases to cultivate focus and spiritual connection.
  • Through this module, students gain proficiency in selecting and utilizing mantras suited to their individual meditation goals.

Our meditation yoga teacher training program offers a structured and supportive environment for students to explore and deepen their meditation practice under the guidance of experienced instructors.

  • 06:00 wake up
  • 06:30 pranayama and meditation
  • 08:00 tea
  • 08:15 Yoga therapy/multi-style
  • 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 lecture
  • 12:45 lunch
  • 01:30 karma yoga
  • 02:00 rest/self-study
  • 03:30 lecture on meditation
  • 04:30 lecture on yoga Philosophy
  • 05:30 Asana practice for meditation
  • 06:45 dinner
  • 07:30 Self-study/cultural program
  • 10:00 Light off

Hatha Yoga School

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