Pencil Portrait Masterclass

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20 Slots

₹ 2500

29th & 30th August ; 5 hrs everyday

Online on ZOOM

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This is beginner friendly masterclass.


- Understanding the fundamental of choosing right paper for various types of portraits
- How to draw the portrait outline using Grid method
- Understanding the techniques in dealing with different grades of pencil and the shading techniques
- Exploring the different blending tools available in the market and the techniques in dealing with that tool
- Understanding of drawing hair, eyes, nose, teeth etc
- Understanding of rendering skin texture, pores, blemishes
- Understanding of drawing background effect
- Understanding of rendering blur effect for out of focus area

The overall objective of the workshop is to bring out the realism of the portrait.

From 29th and 30th AUGUST.
Timing: 10AM-12.30PM and 4PM-6.30PM (both days)
5 hrs Everyday

What's Included?

Interaction with the Expert.

What's Excluded?

Material required..

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