Scuba Diving at Netrani Island


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All About It
  • 3 Days  2 Nights 
  • Difficulty - Easy
  • For 10+ years
  • Best Season - Winter (Nov, Dec, Jan) Spring (Feb, March, April)

Ring in 2024 with a Splash: Unforgettable Gokarna & Murudeshwar Adventure

Craving an escape from the ordinary New Year's bash? Dive headfirst into adventure with Coast Adventures' Gokarna & Murudeshwar tour! Here's why this trip is the perfect way to kickstart 2024:

  • Unleash your inner explorer: Discover the hidden gems of the Karnataka coast! From the serene beaches of Gokarna to the iconic Murudeshwar temple, this trip is a treasure trove of coastal charm.
  • Scuba into paradise: Plunge into the vibrant underwater world of Netrani Island. Imagine gliding past colourful coral reefs and playful fish – an experience etched in your memory forever.
  • Escape the crowds: Ditch the usual New Year's frenzy and soak up the tranquility of a secluded campsite. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the ocean's whisper, and reconnect with nature.
  • Value like never before: Forget budgeting worries! This all-inclusive package covers everything – travel from Bangalore, delicious meals, a comfortable stay, and the thrilling scuba diving experience. Just pack your sense of adventure and leave the planning to us.
  • A New Year's like no other: Start your year with a bang (or rather, a splash!). Celebrate under a blanket of stars, share stories around a crackling bonfire, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Underwater is so tranquil that a soul venturing it once is bound with it forever. Scuba Diving rushes a seeker to the unknown depths and reveals concealed truths about Mother Earth. Life emanates in oceans; it is as peaceful as heaven, and hundreds of uninterrupted, noiseless beings are busy with chores. Some fish (of similar nature) are busy moving from point A to B, others are lying close to their shelter, and the mating season is 'ON' for others. There are camouflaging sea creatures; then there are ones which look friendly and inviting. You can only figure out what is happening once you stay and observe closely. 

One such magical Scuba Diving site is located 20 km from Murudeshwar, on the sidelines of Netrani Island. Along with this escapade, you would also get a chance to visit the beautiful beaches of Gokarna.

Plan The Unplanned is all set to take you on an exciting trip to Netrani Island, which has one of the cleanest diving sites in India. From ancient times, the Arabian Sea has been calling travellers, voyagers, and researchers to its remote depths. Safe equipment, accurate weather reports and trained professionals have made life easy today. You don't even need to know swimming to attempt this Scuba Diving. No heavy requirements, no crazy timeline, and no restrictions – take this Scuba Diving at Netrani Island and Gokaran Beach Tour as an experience worth cherishing, worth experiencing! 

Note: If you want to experience Scuba diving but aren’t quite ready for a certification course, this Introductory Dive is for you. You must be at least twelve years old to do the Introductory Dive. No prior experience with Scuba Diving is necessary, swimming is NOT needed, but you need to be in good physical health.

You will learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI or SSI Professional.

For New Year 2024: The mind-blowing Scuba Diving in Netrani Island trip awaits your arrival for New Year 2024. On the eve of New Year 2024, we will cut the cake and have fun. Notice that this New Year, seats are limited and will be filled out on a First Come, First Serve basis. Also, be informed that this New Year is preceded by a weekend, so kindly check out the itinerary and book your seats at the earliest.



Day 0

  • Pickups will start at 5:30 pm. (Tentative timings )
  • A friendly session for an introduction

Day 1

  • Reach campsite in Kumta
  • Freshen up and have breakfast
  • Visit Gokarna Beaches
  • Self-sponsored Lunch
  • Witness Sunset at Kudle Beach
  • Drive back to the Campsite
  • Dinner
  • Retire for the night

Day 2

  • Early morning freshen up & have breakfast
  • Leave for Murudeshwar by 5:00 AM. Have breakfast en route ( PTU Sponsored )
  • Start ride to Netrani Islands (20 km ferry ride)
  • Professionals will brief about the dive site and wildlife
    • Basic lessons about Scuba Diving will be given by trained instructors on the way to the Islands
  • Diving at Netrani for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Journey back to Murudeshwar Beach
  • Visit Murudeshwar Temple ( only if time permits )
  • Freshen up in a hotel room (sponsored by PTU)
  • Self-Sponsored Dinner
  • Head off to Bangalore and reach by 6:00 am (approx) on Day 3

Please note: A Boating Tour to Gokarna is an optional add-on activity with an estimated cost of INR 1300-1500 per person, payable directly on confirmation. Availability is limited and subject to a minimum group size of 10 participants.

Introductions of the participants

Private Vehicle

A/C Push Back Seats Vehicle

Meals Not Included

An overnight bus journey of 490 km commences from Bangalore to Kagal. It is a small town located 13 km from Kumta. En route, we shall have a brief orientation followed by a fun-filled ice-breaking session.



All Meals

Rise and greet the New Year with an adventurous escape to the sun-kissed shores of Gokarna! Our journey begins in Kumta, a quaint town 35 kilometers away, where we'll pitch our tents and fuel up with a hearty breakfast amidst the fresh morning air. Then, it's time to trade in our backpacks for sturdy sandals as we embark on a thrilling trek through the coastal landscape.

First up, Paradise Beach beckons with its secluded charm and turquoise waters, perfect for a refreshing dip. Next, Half Moon Beach will unveil its crescent-shaped beauty, ideal for soaking up the sun and exploring hidden coves. Finally, we'll arrive at the iconic Om Beach, its name mirroring the sacred symbol etched in the sand. Here, we'll indulge in a self-sponsored lunch, perhaps under the shade of coconut palms, relishing the tranquillity of the moment.

As the sun begins its descent, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, we'll make our way to Kudle Beach. This vibrant stretch of sand comes alive with the golden sunset, offering a mesmerizing spectacle to captivate our senses. As the sky darkens, we'll hop back into our vehicle and return to the campsite, where a delicious dinner and crackling bonfire await. Gather around the flames, share stories and laughter, and celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a slice of cake under a blanket of stars. After all that adventure and merriment, a restful sleep nestled in our tents will be the perfect end to a truly unforgettable New Year's Day.


Scuba Diving

Private Vehicle

A/C Push Back Seats Vehicle

Stay Not Applicable

Meals Not Applicable

Rise early for an exciting day of scuba diving at Netrani Island, a mesmerizing coral paradise 56 kilometers away. After a filling breakfast, we'll board a designated boat and embark on a one-hour journey to this pristine island. While Netrani itself is protected and inaccessible, its surrounding waters offer a vibrant underwater world waiting to be explored.

Onboard the boat, you'll find comfortable amenities like restrooms and light refreshments. We recommend enjoying snacks in moderation, as diving requires minimal exertion for optimal enjoyment. During the journey, a qualified instructor will conduct a comprehensive pre-dive briefing, covering essential safety procedures and hand signals you'll utilize underwater.

Upon arrival, prepare to be captivated by the crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life. While your fellow adventurers embark on their dives, you can relax and enjoy the refreshing waters or explore the surroundings. When your turn arrives, get your gear on and experience the magic of scuba diving firsthand. Remember to stay calm, follow your instructor's guidance, and let yourself be immersed in the wonders of the underwater world.

After your exhilarating dive, replenish your energy with a light meal before waiting for everyone to return. We'll then freshen up in Murudeshwar (at your own expense) and hop back into the vehicle for a journey home. Along the way, we'll make a stop for a delicious dinner (self-sponsored) – the perfect opportunity to bond with your newfound companions and share unforgettable memories.

As you travel and reflect on the day's adventures, allow yourself to delve deeper into introspection. These enriching experiences are catalysts for self-discovery, so embrace the journey and seek your truth. As you drift off to sleep, we hope your dreams are filled with the vibrant colors and serene calmness of the underwater world.

We hope this scuba diving trip to Netrani Island has fulfilled your purpose and ignited a passion for exploring the natural wonders around us. Take some time to rest and recharge, but don't forget to browse through our other exciting itineraries. We're always here to help you plan your next adventure, so give us a call whenever the wanderlust beckons.


Plan The Unplanned

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Plan The Unplanned

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What’s life without adventure? Isn’t the real purpose of life to travel, to experience new places, and witness the sunrise from new mountaintops? This thought is what united Jatin and Tarun over a cup of chai, in spite of being from two unrelated backgrounds (CA and IT). They knew each other since the time Jatin was helping Tarun learn the ways of the wilderness through weekend treks and outings with another traveling group. Their love for traveling and trekking together motivated them to start something of their own. Thus was born “Plan The Unplanned”, where travel goals come true. Under the Companies Act, Plan The Unplanned is incorporated as Unplanned Journeys Private Limited They started their journey on unsteady ground, much like any other company, but they shared an infatuation for travel and adventure with their customers, which amplified their determination, and thus, Plan the Unplanned family keeps getting bigger every day! Just about any travel idea can come alive with Plan The Unplanned…treks, adventure activities like rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, backpacking trips across the country, cultural outings, photo walks; everything that fellow travelers need, to explore the great outdoors together. Well now that the wanderlust has kicked in and you can already see a vacation in your nearest future, here’s what we have to offer!

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  • Accommodation in Tents on multiple sharing basis ( separate for men & women )
  • To and fro Transport from Bangalore ( A/c Pushback seater minibus/ tempo traveller )
  •  2 breakfast & 1 Dinner
  • Onward & Return Boat (Murudeshwar beach – Netrani Island – Murudeshwar beach
  • Light snacks on the Boat
  • Services of an Internationally certified Scuba Instructor
  • Photos and videos of your diving
  • Room for freshen up after diving
  • Trip Leaders from Plan The Unplanned
  • Experience that you gain
  • First-aid, Life Jacket, Snorkeling Gear, Scuba diving equipment


  • Lunch on Day 1 & 2, Day 2 - Dinner
  • Optional Boating Tour
  • Any kind of personal expense
  • Any kind of insurance (health, medical, life accidental, etc)
  • Anything not included above
  • Any entrance fees



  • Soft Copy of Aadhar ID/ License/Voter ID for obtaining forest permits)
  • Face Mask & Hand Sanitizer
  • Two water bottles – 1 litre each (Hydration is a necessity)
  • Clothes as needed
  • Lunch box
  • A comfortable pair of sports/trekking shoes with a good grip.
  • Sunscreen and a hat/cap.
  • Toiletries
  • Power bank
  • Flip-flops (To laze around the homestay)
  • Small Rucksack (to stuff your essentials for the trek)
  • Sufficient Cash for meals not included in the itinerary


Udupi Grand HSR Layout

Yamaha Showroom Domlur

Cubbon Park Signal

KTM Mekhri Circle

Yeshwanthpur Metro

Policy and Terms

For Departures from Bangalore: In the event that YOU cancel your trek, this is the cancellation policy we follow

  • If you cancel before 7 days – 90% of the amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 3 – 6 days – 50 % of the amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 0-3 days – No Refund
  • *Intimation Period means the number of days before the tour is scheduled to start
  • **Cancellation Fee is the amount of money that will be deducted from the total billing amount before offering the refund.
  • Refund/Cancellation requests are accepted only by email at [email protected] and not via call or Whatsapp.

Note: For All The Above Refund Cases Transaction Fees/Internet Handling Charges will be deducted from the overall amount and the balance amount shall be refunded. You can transfer your ticket to anyone so that you could save your hard-earned money

“Transfer to a future date is only possible only if you cancel between 3-6 days before the trek date and not on the day of departure or a day before”

For other trips and travels with us, and detailed terms and conditions check the following link : https://www.plantheunplanned.com/refund-cancellation-policy

Frequest Questions

Q: Would I be added to a WhatsApp Group once the trek is confirmed?
A: Yes, the Event Heasup mail would contain a link for Whatsapp Group through which one can join and interact with fellow travelers and outdoor leaders.

Q: Do I have any other boarding points apart from the ones mentioned?
A: Yes, we do have options for picking a traveler on board with a few locations provided they are on the route to our destination. The following are the same: - Croma Store, Sony World Signal - Trinity Circle Metro Station - Yeshwanthpur Metro Station - Goraguntepalya Metro Station

Q: Do I need to know Swimming?
A: Not at all. You need not know or have any experience in swimming. The divers will be your support throughout the dive.

Q: Is the trip safe for Women/Girls?
A: Yes, it’s much safe and sound. We have been organizing these treks over the years now and we always have had an equal ratio or sometimes we have women in the majority. We also have female outdoor leaders who are on board and lead the other trekking enthusiast. We have made sure our homestay/tent accommodation is separate for men and women.

Q: Would I be able to postpone to a future in case I do not attend the trek on the day of departure?
A: We are extremely sorry, you cannot postpone to any future date in case you fail to attend the trek on the mentioned date for any reasons whatsoever ( family/health/work emergencies ). You can write to us at [email protected] as regards and our team will get in touch with you on the same

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