“ Sound healing through Chakra balancing and Yoga experience”

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₹ 3015

1.5 Hrs

koregaon park


- You will be taken through a unique experience of healing energies through yoga
and the tibetian singing bowls. It will include yogic postures focusing on chakra
alignment followed by sound healing meditation.
- Information regarding chakras and how it works will be explained.
- How our bodies respond to certain frequencies and why is it therapeutic, will also
be explained.
- She will help you in balancing your chakras in your subtle bodies, which are along
your spine through various yogic postures.
- She will then use the powerful healing frequencies created in the sound
therapy/sound healing session for your healing.
- You will learn and take home various techniques of meditating and basic chakra
balancing yogic postures to be able to continue the experience at home by
- Please avoid alcohol consumption before the session.
- You must wear comfortable clothes.
- You need to bring along your own yoga mats.
- The medium of language in which the session will be conducted will be English
and hindi.
- Min 2 to max 12 people can book the experience.

What's Excluded?

- Yoga Mats

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