Tosamaidan Greater Lakes Trek

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  • 7 Days  6 Nights 
  • Difficulty - Moderate
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“Trek through the Biggest Meadow of Kashmir

The Tosa Maidan Greater Lakes trek is near one of Kashmir's most expansive meadows, Tosa Maidan. However, its allure extends beyond its vast panoramic views. This recently unveiled gem, the Tosa Maidan and Greater Lakes Trek, unveils a landscape characterised by boundless meadows, crystalline glacial lakes, and captivating camping grounds. Those who seek the path less travelled will find this trek particularly appealing. Uncharted and untouched, this trail immerses trekkers in a sense of pristine wilderness, enveloped by sprawling meadows as far as the eye can discern.

Positioned within the Beerwah region of Budgam district in Kashmir, this route serves as a desirable alternative for those desiring to explore the less frequented corners of Kashmir. This stands in contrast to the more popular moderate-level treks concentrated around the Sonmarg/Pahalgam region.

Embracing verdant green meadows stretching towards the horizon beneath boundless azure skies, the Tosa Maidan and Greater Lakes Trek transform the essence of picturesque desktop wallpapers into a tangible reality, exuding elegance and charm. Each day of the expedition unveils a spectacle of grandeur that captivates the senses and gratifies the soul. As one of our enthusiastic trekkers aptly described, this seven-day trek feels far too short—its allure is simply irresistible.

The optimal period to undertake this trek is from July to September. Please refer to this page for comprehensive details regarding the Tosa Maidan and Greater Lakes trek. 

Trip Highlights

  1. While on the way to Drung, you will observe Srinagar's hustle and bustle sliding down, cool breeze and mountain vistas taking over. 
  2. Learn how to pitch and pack a tent. 
  3. Cross coniferous forest, vast valleys, and meadows while also pondering about the type of vegetation, trees and wildlife.
  4. Walk into the largest meadows of Kashmir: Tosa Maidan. 
  5. Heard of "Pashmina Dhaagon ke Sang" by Amit Trivedi and Swanand Kirkire? If lucky, you will see Pashmina Goats here.
  6. We'll leave to cover four lakes around Noonwan: Neelsar, Dhamamsar  Bhansar, and Godsar.
  7. Indulge with local children who will eagerly come and say hello to you. Indulge in the chit-chat and share love. 
  8. Be a gazer of the snow-capped mountains.
  9. Photograph amidst nature.


Tosamaidan and Greater Lakes Trek

Day 1: Journey from Srinagar to Drung Base Camp

Day 2: Trek from Drung Base Camp to Dhanwas

Day 3: Trek from Dhanwas to Pehjan

Day 4: Trek from Pehjan to Tosa Maidan. Walk into the largest meadow of Kashmir.

Day 5: Trek from Tosa Maidan to Noonwan 

Day 6: Trek to Neelsar, Dhamamsar  Bhansar and Godsar lakes, and return to Noonwan.

Day 7: Noonwan to Tosa Maidan trek and drive to Srinagar.

Altitude of Srinagar: 1,585 m
Altitude of Drung: 2,270 m
Distance: 42 km
Drive Time: 4 hours

We will reach the designated point at 01:00 pm in Srinagar, meet fellow trekkers, the trek representative, and start our journey towards Drung. The meeting point information will land in your inbox when you book the trek. 

The drive starts from central Srinagar. We recommend you spend one or two days before or after the trip to get true feels of Kashmiri hospitality, food and culture. We have written multiple articles on this. You can check them out here. 

While on the way to Drung, you will observe Srinagar's hustle and bustle sliding down, cool breeze, and mountain vistas taking over. This is your first treat in Kashmir.

We will stop for lunch at a restaurant on the highway. 

The drive will slowly ascend; you will notice this with dropping temperatures. At Tangmarg, we take a diversion and drive for another 15 minutes to Tosamaidan Base Camp. The base camp is located a little above the Drung Waterfalls

At the campsite, we will settle with hot tea and snacks. Once we are all relaxed, the trek leader will brief us on the trek. 

Above everything, Congratulations! You have chosen your health over anything else. We will ensure you get everything your body needs; you take care of your mind and take only the happiest memories back. This is just the beginning. 

Dinner will be served, after which you can rest and prepare for the trek the next day

Altitude of Dhanwas: 2886 m
Distance: 10 km
Time: 6 hours

Next morning, we will have breakfast and start at around 9 am. Before starting, you will be taught to pack your tent. 

Within a few hours of trekking, you will enter the Coniferous forest. We will rally from the woods that are not very dense, cross the meadows and then back into the forest part. 

The beginning of Tosamaidan Great Lakes trek begins through a forest, which will fuel you up for the whole duration. It is refreshing to walk into the vast valleys and meadows while also pondering about the type of vegetation, trees and wildlife. Ask your guides about it. 

At the end of the ascent, the trek opens to a vast valley and meadows. This is where we will have our packed lunch. Streams are on the way, where you can fill up your water bottle. 

Keep moving; it will be a pleasant walk amidst the meadows. Dhanwas will appear after 2 hours of strolling. This is where we will set our campsite. Local children will eagerly come and say hello to you. Indulge in the chit chat and share love. 

After reaching the campsite and having snacks, tea and later dinner, you can retire for the day

Altitude of Pehjan: 3280 m
Distance: 7 km
Time: 5 hours

You are already at a high altitude. Depending on the season, you will find snow in the mountains. From August to October, you will be able to witness glaciers on top of big mountains - at an altitude of more than 14000 ft. From November to February, you will be trekking in snow. Otherwise, it is generally sunny or spring; the weather is clear in these seasons, and you get the best views.

You will wake up to a chilly morning. You will pack your luggage and tent as soon as you wake up. We will start at around 9 am after hot tea and breakfast. 

Day 3 has something special for you – an easy trail through the meadows and gradual ascends and descends. Later, the course goes to a water canal made by locals to divert water. Here we will have our lunch, and then continue to journey to Pehjan.

Upon reaching the campsite, pitch your tents and enjoy. If the weather supports it, we will have a bonfire session too. 

Dinner will be served early. Cherish your Day 3, indulge in spicy chitter-chatter and, retire for the night to protect yourself from the cold and wake up with the same zeal the next day.

Altitude of Tosa Maidan: 3117 m
Distance: 10 km
Time: 5 hours

You will wake up to the stark views of the Tosh valley and a climb to look upto.  

After a slow and gradual climb, you will reach meadows and pink flower beds. The view here beholds incredible joy as you immerse in nature. 

We will break for lunch at the top. The trail is easy from here. Walk into the largest meadows of Kashmir. This is Tosa Maidan. 

Have you heard of "Pashmina Dhaagon ke Sang" by Amit Trivedi and Swanand Kirkire? If lucky, you will see Pashmina Goats here.

After reaching the Tosh Maidan campsite, we will take a big sigh of relief, rest and rejuvenate with a hot and healthy dinner.

Altitude of Noonwan: 3528 m
Trek: 10 km, 6 hours

Today starts with a challenging climb. Feed your body nicely. 

Waking up to the fresh, dewy morning, we will slowly pack our bags, have breakfast, and start trekking to Noonwan. Walk at your pace, absorb nature and come out. 

Most of the trek today is uphill. Don't worry, it's not at all tough. It is a gradual ascent initially that will descend to Noonwan, where a giant boulder awaits us. 

We will reach Noonwan campsite by evening. You can vouch that this is the most beautiful campsite near the lake. This is actually an extension of the Godsar Lake you will see on Day 6. 

Explore around and enjoy the sunset with tea and snacks. Day 6 is challenging as this is the day we see the Greater Lakes of Kashmir. So rest well and feel grateful to the nature that has let you come so far.

Altitude of Godsar: 3786 m
Trek: 10-12 km, 7 hours

Today, you will witness the Greater lakes of Kashmir, for which you have come this far. After early breakfast, we'll leave to cover four lakes around Noonwan: Neelsar, Dhamamsar  Bhansar, and Godsar.

Don't mistake them as similar-looking lakes. Each lake has its significance. Godsar Lake is the biggest and the most beautiful of them all

The climb will be challenging today, but every drop of sweat will be worth the wait and pain. We will return after lunch and have the entire evening at our disposal. Today is the second last day. Till now, your bond with fellow travelers must have been deepened. Cherish it, enjoy it and make memories. The most difficult parts are over. 

Sleep tight.

Trek Distance: 10 km
Time taken for trek: 5 hours
Drive to Srinagar: 45 km, 3 hours

This is officially the last day of the trek. We will make our way back to Tosa Maidan. You will feel how things will change as you trek back to Tosa Maidan. The day starts with a gradual ascent for half an hour, traversing to full descent until Tosa Maidan. Soak in everything before the trek ends.

As the trek ends, we will drive back to Srinagar. Towards the end of the trek, there is a steep ascent to reach the final point from where we will be picked up for Srinagar. Once at the top, there are small establishments where you can have snacks and food. 

Once we reach Srinagar, the Tosamaidan Greater Lakes trek comes to an end from our side. But we advise you to stay in Srinagar for a couple of days and take a deep dive into the valley's beauty. Enjoy the local culture, spoil yourself while shopping, and relish local cuisine. 

Remember that trekking is one of the best ways to explore the world because it is still not inundated by crowds, pollution, and noise. 

Here, at Plan the Unplanned, we focus on two aspects of travel: exploring nature and making meaningful connections. You will start as strangers but leave with dewy eyes by its end. We would love to see you againCheck out our other itineraries and ring us soon. It would be a pleasure to see you again. Till then, take care and love life.

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