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- Freelancers - Bloggers - Travel Enthusiasts - Solo Travellers - Startup Founders - Entrepreneurs - Working Professionals - Remote Workers - Digital Nomads - Travel Enthusiasts

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What's Included

- All Accommodation
- Breakfast
- Access to Coworking Spaces
- Access to HighSpeed Internet
- Intra & InterCity Transport as applicable
- Welcome Dinner
- Networking Opportunities
- Meetups & Events
- Local Cultural Experiences
- Hiking & Exploration
- Yoga & Meditation
- Fun Activities
- Health & Wellness
- Local Sim Card
- TraWork kit
- Access to the TraWork Community
- A Travel Buddy

What's Excluded

- Transport to the starting point
- Transport back home from the endpoint
- Lunch & Dinner
- Personal Expenses

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- 70% refundable till 10 days before departure dates.
- No refunds after 10 days prior departure.


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Work Explore Local Experiences Community Nature Culture

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TraWork Asia brings the best of Cambodia & Thailand for workaholic travellers, explorers and digital nomads from all over India.


Hua Hin (หัวหิน) traces its aristocratic roots to 1911 when the railroad arrived from Bangkok and some in the royal family built vacation homes here. By the mid-1920s it was a full-fledged resort town for the Bangkok-based nobility with a golf course and a seaside hotel featuring a European restaurant manager. Even Kings Rama VI and VII built summer palaces here. The latter's Phra Ratchawang Klai Kangwon (Far from Worries Palace) remains a royal residence today and was the full-time home of King Rama IX for many of his later years.

There’s a lot of money swirling around Hua Hin, but it's still a good budget destination: seafood is plentiful and cheap, there’s convenient public transport and it takes a lot less time and effort to get here from Bangkok than to the southern islands.

Cambodia’s capital can be an assault on the senses. Motorbikes whiz through laneways without a thought for pedestrians; markets exude pungent scents; and all the while the sounds of life – of commerce, of survival – reverberate through the streets. But this is all part of the enigma.

Once the ‘Pearl of Asia’, Phnom Penh’s shine was tarnished by the impact of war and revolution. But the city has since risen from the ashes to take its place among the hip capitals of the region, with an alluring cafe culture, bustling bars and a world-class food scene.taking.

A typical Day at TraWork
- Yoga & Meditation or a morning stroll (best time to see a city)
- Breakfast
- Head to the Coworking Space
- Events/Workshops
- Local Experiences
- Sightseeing
- Dinner/Clubbing

July 28th to August 6th

Day 1-5 - Phnom Penh
Day 6-10 - Hua Hin

INR 60,000/ person***


TraWork welcomes all you travel junkies who want to work and travel together. Get your
work along and leave the exploration and adventure to us. TraWork is here to change the work culture for you. Love travelling the world while ticking off all your work tasks? TraWork with us!


There is so much that TraWorking can do to you once you hop on to the TraWork train. We provide experiences beyond usual touristy trips. If you love travelling and do not want to miss out on work, you are the right person to come along with us on this amazing trip. Backed by work, co-work and network and of course a lot of travelling and exploration. This is an opportunity for you to work from anywhere and travel from everywhere – with an endless dose of excitement and adventure.

Registrations are open till July 20th


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