Visit to the “Moonshine Hive” & Make your own Mead Experience

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What's This About?

₹ 1055

1 - 1.5 Hrs

Moonshine Meadery, Pune, Maharashtra, India


- A batch of 10 litres of mead will be made with you and your group.
- The ingredients can be selected by you as per your liking, and after 2 weeks you can come back and pick up your 4 pints of bottled mead (your very own mead!)
- Learn about the mead making process
- Learn the history about the mead making process, it’s origin, the methodology
used and the different types of meads exisitng
- Try at least 3-4 types of honey
- Taste some released and un-released meads
- Meet the team behind the brand and interact with them
- The minimum number of individuals for this session is 4, and maximum is 6
- The medium of language in which the session will be conducted is English only

What's Included?

- 10 Ltr of Bottled Mead
- Mead & Honey Tasting.

What's Excluded?

- Travel to the venue

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