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All About It
  • 9 Days  8 Nights 
  • Difficulty - Hard
  • For 18+ years

Experience the enchanting allure of the Warwan Valley Trek, a high-altitude Trans-Himalayan expedition renowned for its exotic beauty and offbeat charm. Delve into nature's wonders as you traverse through a landscape adorned with mesmerizing grasslands, pastures, and wildflower meadows. Here are the highlights:

  • Sumdo’s River Delta Basin: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas of Sumdo, where two rivers converge to form a stunning valley. Wander through lush meadows alongside meandering rivulets, soaking in the serenity of the surroundings.

  • Bracken Glacier Traverse: Brace yourself for the most challenging leg of the journey - the traverse across the Bracken Glacier. A 12-hour trek leads you through this imposing glacier, offering a captivating yet demanding experience that etches itself into memory.

  • Grasslands: Lose yourself in the vast expanse of grasslands, where horses graze against a backdrop of majestic mountains. Surrender to the tranquility of the scenery as you journey between Humpet and Kaintal.

  • Warwan Village: Transition into Kashmir's lush greenery as you reach Warwan Village. Encapsulating traditional living amidst unspoiled landscapes, this village offers a glimpse into a bygone era. Traverse through its charming lanes adorned with traditional houses and hospitable locals, providing a perfect snapshot for cherished memories.

Embark on this unforgettable trek to uncover the hidden gems of the Warwan Valley, where nature's beauty unfolds at every step.
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Day 1: Arrive in Kargil, acclimatize, and explore local attractions.

Day 2: Drive from Kargil to Panikhar, followed by a short trek to Parkachik.

Day 3: Trek from Parkachik to Marpola, passing through scenic landscapes.

Day 4: Continue trekking from Marpola to Kaintal, enjoying panoramic views along the way.

Day 5: Trek from Kaintal to Warwan Village, experiencing the traditional lifestyle of the locals.

Day 6: Explore Warwan Village and surrounding areas, immersing in the serene ambience.

Day 7: Trek from Warwan Village to Neeru, revelling in the picturesque beauty.

Day 8: Conclude the trek at Neeru and drive back to Kargil for departure.

Who should attend?


Private Vehicle



Commencing at an altitude of 8,795 ft and reaching up to 10,700 ft, the journey spans a distance of 185 km, requiring a 7-8 hour drive. The trek commences with a scenic drive from Srinagar Airport, passing through the picturesque Sonmarg, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes with the Sindh River meandering alongside, accompanied by snow-capped mountains. The road ascends towards the Zojila Pass, offering captivating panoramas at an altitude of 3,528m, connecting Kashmir to Ladakh.

Descending into the Ladakh region, the drive unfolds stunning vistas of mountain ranges, valleys, and meadows, culminating in the quaint village of Drass, known for its extreme winter temperatures and cultural richness. After a stop for lunch amidst the serene surroundings of Drass, the journey proceeds through the main Kargil market to the tranquil campsite of Panikhar. Nestled in the Suru valley, Panikhar exudes untouched natural beauty, with a sparse population and welcoming locals. Essential provisions are recommended to be procured in Srinagar or Kargil, as Panikhar offers limited shopping options, situated at an altitude of approximately 10,800 ft.



All Meals

This day serves as a rest and acclimatization period preceding the commencement of the extensive Trans-Himalayan Trek. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Panikhar and its surrounding village. Given the challenging nature of the trek and its high-altitude terrain, spending a day acclimatizing here is imperative. Panikhar also serves as a gateway to Zanskar and the Nun Kun Expedition route. Witness the local villagers engrossed in their farming activities and savor their warm hospitality, enriching your journey with cultural experiences.



All Meals

Altitude: 10,700 ft to 12,350 ft
Distance: 14 km
Duration: 5-6 hours

Embark on the first day of trekking, ascending from 10,700 ft to 12,350 ft. The journey spans 14 km and requires 5-6 hours to traverse.

Begin by following the trail leading to the shimmering Panikhar Nallah, crossing a bridge to the opposite side as the village gradually fades from view. As the path widens, you'll navigate through a narrow valley, ascending gradually amidst a barren landscape with the river cascading elegantly on your right.

Along the way, encounter diverse attractions including a bridge crossing, a picturesque grassy meadow intersected by river streams, and a shepherd settlement before reaching the Sumdo campsite, nestled at the confluence of two rivers.

Continuing on the trail, it narrows into a wide walking track, offering panoramic views of intersecting valleys ahead. Descending into Sumdo, your camp for the day, relish the scenic beauty with rivers, meadows, and majestic mountain ranges adorning your surroundings.



All Meals

Altitude: 12,350 ft to 12,875 ft
Distance: 3 km
Duration: 1.5 hours

On this day, prepare to navigate through numerous river streams, a task that demands around half an hour to complete as they lie nearby. The icy waters may induce numbness in your feet, adding to the adventure of crossing them. The proximity of Panikhar Nallah is notable, along with the presence of another shepherd settlement in the valley.

Commence the day by removing your shoes, as multiple stream crossings lie ahead to reach the basin's opposite end. Follow the valley to the left while keeping the Nala to your right. Upon traversing the river crossings, be greeted by the scenic Denora and Sumdo basins, offering expansive views and adorned with vibrant meadows strewn with colourful flowers.

Before long, you'll arrive at the picturesque Kalapari meadow, where you'll set up camp beside a tranquil river stream.

This marks the shortest trekking day with an easy gradient, offering a contrast to the challenging trails that lie ahead in the journey.



All Meals

Altitude: 12,875 ft to 11,550 ft via 14,550 ft Distance: 17 km Duration: 11 hours

Prepare for the longest and most demanding leg of the trek, requiring an early morning start after a hearty breakfast. With a total distance of approximately 17 km, this arduous journey presents its challenges, notably the glacier traverse, although no special equipment is required besides trekking poles, ensuring a safe passage through the moraines.

As you depart from the campsite, the trail winds through the moraines, offering captivating views of the Kalapari summit and glacier. Glancing back from atop, the expansive panorama of the valley below unfolds before your eyes.

En route, encounter the iconic Kaintal Glacier-fed lake, adorned with floating snow chunks, leading the trail beside the glacier, exposing you to its vast expanse stretching approximately 1 km wide, known as the Bracken Glacier.

Following the glacier, the trail navigates through the valley, gradually ascending towards the pass towering at an altitude of approximately 14,550m. Admire the beauty of multiple lakes along the way, most of them partially frozen, before venturing onto the gently sloping snowfields leading from the pass towards the valley opening.

As you descend, negotiate the steep boulder section with caution until reaching the valley opening, where a breathtaking vista of the terrain awaits on the other side. Descend further through patches of snow and icy glacier before transitioning to rocky moraines, eventually reaching the vast grassland of the Kaintal valley, where the campsite awaits amid its serene ambiance.

While the trek poses its challenges, the rewards are abundant as you find solace in the enchanting campsite, a veritable haven amidst the rugged terrain.



All Meals

Altitude: 11,550 ft to 10,950 ft Distance: 16.5 km Duration: 6 hours

Embark on a day characterized by prolonged ascents and descents, navigating a trail that unfolds alongside the river from Kaintal to Humpet, adorned with charming shepherd huts and numerous river streams along the way.

Traverse through expansive grass fields and meadows, where picturesque scenes of grazing horses greet you, while intermittent ascents to the top of humps offer breathtaking panoramic vistas. The trail meanders through various river basins, punctuated by shallow yet invigorating river crossings that necessitate shoe removal for passage.

One notable landmark is the Sar grassland, marking a transition as the view of the bracken glacier recedes. Continuing, Humpet emerges after a couple of hours, offering a striking contrast between the lush mountains of Kashmir to the west and the barren landscapes of Ladakh to the east.

Set amidst a grassy expanse, the Humpet campsite affords a splendid vista of the neighbouring shepherd village of Thangkam, enriching your trekking experience with scenic delights.



All Meals

Altitude: 10,950 ft to 9,225 ft Distance: 16 km Duration: 7-8 hours

Embark on a day-long descent from Humpet to Sukhnai Valley, offering glimpses of the route leading to the renowned Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage. Sukhnai, nestled in the Warwan Valley, boasts a rich biodiversity, housing 285 plant species, including 26 threatened species.

The trail begins with an initial ascent followed by a gradual descent lasting approximately 4 hours, leading to the scenic grasslands and charming Sukhnai Village. Continuing, a few hours of trekking brings you to a junction where a pristine river merges with the Kaintal Nala, offering views of the surrounding mountain range and the trail leading to the famed Sheeshnag Lake and Amarnath Yatra route.

As you enter the exotic Warwan Valley, characterized by narrow passages and numerous river crossings, exercise caution while traversing overhangings along the trail. Enjoy breathtaking views of Sukhnai, characterized by expansive grasslands, before reaching the village after an additional 2 hours of trekking. Pass through picturesque farmlands adorned with short fences, evoking a charming countryside ambience reminiscent of Europe, enhancing the beauty of the journey.



All Meals

Altitude: 9,225 ft to 8,300 ft
Distance: 17.5 km
Duration: 6-7 hours

Embark on the final leg of this trans-Himalayan trek, characterized by picturesque grasslands, the meandering Marwah River, and the charming village of Rekenwas. The trail unfolds with a mix of ascents and descents, offering glimpses of the beautiful Rekenwas village after a few hours of trekking.

Noteworthy are the pristine villages dotted along the route, including the slightly larger Basmina village, bustling with activity yet retaining its traditional charm. Interact with the welcoming locals, eager to learn about your travels, as you traverse along the river-fringed village.

From Basmina, the endpoint of the trek, Chaudraiman, lies approximately 5 km away, with the campsite reachable by evening, marking the culmination of this memorable journey.

Private Vehicle

Stay Not Included


Distance: 153 km drive Duration: 8-9 hour drive

Concluding the trekking expedition, embark on the final leg of the journey with a drive from Chaudraiman to Srinagar. The extensive route leads through renowned landmarks such as Margan Top before descending into the Anantnag district. Passing through picturesque villages and verdant orchards, the road converges with the NH1 highway, guiding you back to Srinagar, where the adventure comes to a close.

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What’s life without adventure? Isn’t the real purpose of life to travel, to experience new places, and witness the sunrise from new mountaintops? This thought is what united Jatin and Tarun over a cup of chai, in spite of being from two unrelated backgrounds (CA and IT). They knew each other since the time Jatin was helping Tarun learn the ways of the wilderness through weekend treks and outings with another traveling group. Their love for traveling and trekking together motivated them to start something of their own. Thus was born “Plan The Unplanned”, where travel goals come true. Under the Companies Act, Plan The Unplanned is incorporated as Unplanned Journeys Private Limited They started their journey on unsteady ground, much like any other company, but they shared an infatuation for travel and adventure with their customers, which amplified their determination, and thus, Plan the Unplanned family keeps getting bigger every day! Just about any travel idea can come alive with Plan The Unplanned…treks, adventure activities like rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, backpacking trips across the country, cultural outings, photo walks; everything that fellow travelers need, to explore the great outdoors together. Well now that the wanderlust has kicked in and you can already see a vacation in your nearest future, here’s what we have to offer!

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  • Transportation to and fro from Srinagar
  • All meals provided during the trek are vegetarian, including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.
  • Camp accommodation is arranged on all nights in high-quality tents, offered on a twin-sharing basis.
  • Essential amenities such as sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, dining tents, and cutlery are included.
  • Experienced helpers are available to assist with tent pitching, dishwashing, food service, and camp maintenance.
  • Offloading of  Backpacks
  • Trek Insurance
  • Our team consists of mountaineering qualified and experienced trek leaders, guides, and cooks to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.
  • Necessary mountain medicines, including first aid kits and oxygen cylinders, are provided for emergencies.
  • All required passes and permits are arranged in advance for the trekking itinerary.
  • Meal planning includes a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring diversity and avoiding repetition.

Meal Options:

Breakfast: eggs, paratha, chana, poha, dalia, upma, cornflakes, bread toast, butter, jam, roti, coffee, tea, kehwa, etc.

Lunch and Dinner: A wide range of vegetarian dishes such as veg biryani, veg pulaw, muttar paneer, palak paneer, aloo gobi, rajma chawal, rajma kadhai, mix veg, chana masala, kadhi chawal, dal makhni, bhindi masala, dal fry, veg korma, Kashmiri nadru, Kashmiri haakh, aloo matar, bhaingan ka bharta, dam aloo, andaburji, etc. Both roti and rice are available and served with different pickles and salads.

Evening Snacks: tea, pakoda, soup, noodles, maggie, veg rolls, biscuits, etc.

Desserts: gulab jamun, phirni, halwa, custard, sewaya, fruit chaat, fruit cake, almond cake, etc



  • Day 1 Lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not included above
  • Expenses arsing due to unforeseen contingencies, injuries, illness


  • Trekking Shoes ( Do not carry sneakers/ sports shoes. Carry shoes that has good grip and ankle support)
  • Backpack (40 -60 litres): A backpack with sturdy straps and a supporting frame. Rain cover for a backpack is essential
  • Daypack 20 litres: On the day of the summit, you’ll need a smaller backpack to carry water, snacks and your medical kit. Bring a foldable backpack.
  • Layers/Warm Clothes/Thermals
  • Trek Pants/T-shirts/Undergarments as per your convenience. Carry the actual number required and stay light
  • Sunglasses, Suncap, sunscreen
  • Hand gloves, socks 2 pairs and woollen socks.
  • Headlamp/LED Torch is mandatory
  • Trekking Pole
  • Poncho/Raincoat
  • Cutlery: Carry a spoon, coffee mug and a lunch box. ( Mandatory )
  • Personal Medikit
  • Toiletries: moisturiser, light towel, lip balm, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitiser. Do not carry wet wipes.
  • One 1 litre water bottle.
  • Plastic covers: carry a few extra plastic bags for wet clothes. Make sure you take them back and not litter the mountains.



Policy and Terms

Here’s the cancellation policy for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

  • If you cancel before 30 days – 90% of the amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 20 -30 days – 75% % of the amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 15-19 days – 50%  will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 7-14 days – 25 % amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 0- 7 days before the departure date – No amount would be refunded.


  • The booking fee to reserve the early bird offer is non-refundable
  • The ticket can be transferred to any friend/any person provided he/she is fit for the trek. The communication of the same has to be confirmed over email.
  • We do not accept any cancellations on WhatsApp or call. Please drop a mail to [email protected]
  • PTU reserves the right to update the cancellation policy without any prior notice
  • If for a rare reason, PTU cancels the trek
    Plan The Unplanned strives to ensure that our treks are not cancelled or called off. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters such as continuous rain or snow, thunderstorms, snowstorms, landslides, floods, earthquakes, or any other calamity that could jeopardize the safety of our trekkers, or if there are unforeseeable circumstances like local riots, curfews, pandemics, lockdowns, government orders, or any such situations that make a safe trek impossible, we will issue a voucher equivalent to the amount paid for the trek. This voucher can be redeemed for any of our treks in the coming year. We regret any inconvenience caused by such cancellations, but our top priority is always the safety of our trekkers.

  • PTU would like to clarify that vouchers will not be issued in the event of trekkers having to come down from the trek for any reason. Our trek leaders may ask a trekker to descend due to reasons such as lack of fitness, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), blood pressure, turn-around time, health issues, or non-compliance with the trek rules such as smoking/drinking. Vouchers will only be issued when the entire trek is cancelled or called off by PTU. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  • If PTU has to shift the trek: As stated earlier, weather conditions in high-altitude areas are highly unpredictable and can change without notice. Additionally, situations beyond our control such as natural disasters, political unrest, pandemics, and lockdowns may arise, making it impossible to continue with the scheduled event. In such cases, where we do not have direct control over the circumstances, we will make every effort to provide an alternative trek that is safer and more favourable for our trekkers. This means that your trek will be shifted to another trek to ensure your safety and provide an enjoyable trekking experience.
  • To compensate for any difference in cost between the original trek and the alternative trek, we will issue a voucher in such circumstances. This voucher can be redeemed at any time within a year from the date of issuance. It's important to note that a refund fee or difference refund is not applicable in these situations.

Terms and Conditions


Frequest Questions

1. What is the difficulty level of the Warwan Valley trek?

The Warwan Valley trek is classified as challenging, demanding a good level of fitness to complete. Ideal for experienced trekkers, it presents numerous challenges including lengthy durations, steep ascents and descents, a glacier traverse, and a high-altitude pass.

2. Where is the starting point of the Warwan Valley trek?

Commencing from Panikhar, situated in the Kargil province of the Ladakh region, the trek culminates in the Warwan valley of the Kishtwar district. Panikhar, an offbeat location, lies in the Zanskar region of Kargil.

3. How high is the Warwan Valley Trek?

The Warwan trek is a high-altitude journey, reaching its peak at 14,550 ft at Lomvilad Pass. While the trek involves numerous ascents and descents, the campsite rests at lower altitudes after crossing the pass.

4. In which district is Warwan Valley located?

Located in the Kishtwar district, the Warwan trek connects to Kashmir on one side and Panikhar in Kargil on the other.

5. Is it worth doing the Warwan Valley Trek?

Undoubtedly, the Warwan Valley trek offers a rewarding experience, showcasing the captivating landscapes of both Kashmir and Ladakh. With its sprawling grasslands, glacier traverses, alpine lakes, and high-altitude passes, coupled with scenic walks through the picturesque valley and highland villages of Warwan, it presents an adventure worth undertaking.

6. How is the trek organised?

How is the Trip /Trek Organised?
For the proper organization of Himalayan treks, Plan the Unplanned team is associated with a local experienced team that’s registered with ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association of India)

Moreover, we have been working with them for 10 years. Their highly skilled staff with 20+ years of experience, professional local guides and BMC-certified trek leaders are the reasons for our continuing partnership with them. The team shall manage all operations, medical and mechanical backup starting from the base location.

Only when we have over 8 bookings from Bangalore, do we send our leaders from Bangalore.

Note: To properly utilize resources, a batch from PTU is clubbed with trekkers who originally book with the local team. This is how all trekking organizations manage their treks. An exclusive PTU batch is only formed when we have a majority of bookings ( over 8 and above ) from PTU

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