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Beginning yoga early in life offers numerous benefits for children. Their natural energy and flexibility allow them to grasp yoga concepts quickly, leading to enhanced physical and emotional well-being. Engaging in yoga from a young age can positively impact academic achievement and foster creativity, focus, and positive attitudes.

Enrolling children in a reputable hatha yoga school in Rishikesh ensures they receive structured yoga programs tailored to their needs. These programs not only promote physical health but also teach valuable life skills such as concentration and self-discipline.

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, registered with the Yoga Alliance, is designed to provide comprehensive instruction to those passionate about teaching yoga to children. This course equips participants, including parents, educators, and healthcare professionals, with the knowledge and confidence to introduce children to the benefits of yoga.

Children's yoga in Rishikesh aims to engage youngsters in various activities to enhance flexibility, strength, focus, and confidence. Our classes provide a peaceful environment where children can fully immerse themselves in yoga practice and experience its transformative effects.

In summary, starting yoga practice early in life can have profound benefits for children, promoting physical health, emotional well-being, and overall development.


  1. Qualified Instructors: Ensure that certified yoga instructors with extensive practical experience lead the classes.

  2. Specialized Schools: Choose schools that specialize in teaching yoga to kids for a focused and tailored learning experience.

  3. Physical Fitness: Make sure your child is physically fit to participate in the yoga poses and exercises.

  4. Timing: Schedule yoga sessions for kids during their free hours to ensure they are relaxed and receptive.

  5. Supervision: Have guides present to consistently monitor children during sessions to prevent incorrect execution of poses and avoid overexertion.

  6. Group Setting: Group sessions are beneficial for teaching yoga to kids, fostering social interaction and motivation.

  7. Multimedia Support: Utilize videos and light music as aids in teaching yoga to children for a more engaging experience.

  8. Experienced Trainers: Choose trainers with adequate experience in conducting children's yoga teacher training sessions to ensure effective instruction and guidance.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is physically and mentally fit can join the course, irrespective of religion and nation. It is preferred if the Participant is good in English.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics for Kids' Yoga Training in Rishikesh:

  1. Healthy Habits: Encourage early bedtime and waking up early for a balanced routine.

  2. Punctuality: Emphasize the importance of being on time for yoga classes to instill discipline.

  3. Nutrition: Discourage the consumption of junk/fast food and promote a wholesome diet.

  4. Yogic Lifestyle: Cultivate an appreciation for the yogic way of life among students.

  5. Home Practice: Encourage daily practice of yoga poses at home to reinforce learning.

  6. Meditation: Advocate for regular meditation practice, incorporating light music for a serene ambiance.

  7. Philosophical Discussions: Engage students in discussions about yoga philosophy to deepen their understanding.

Course Fee Package Includes:

  • Daily Yoga Classes: Structured sessions to facilitate learning and practice.
  • Yoga Equipment: Provision of mats, blocks, straps, and ropes for comfortable practice.
  • Nutritious Meals: Light yogic food and fruits provided throughout the day.
  • Musical Support: Access to a light musical CD to enhance the yoga experience.
  • Yoga Merchandise: Yoga t-shirt and bag for convenience during classes.
  • Study Material: Comprehensive books and study materials to support learning.
  • Certification: Upon completion, receive a certificate accredited and recognized by Yoga Alliance USA.


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Terms and Conditions

Application Process:

Apply for the yoga program through the Hatha Yoga School website.

Refund Policy:

No refunds are provided after successful registration and fee submission.

Progression Through the Course:

Upon registration and fee submission, participants receive the complete training module. After assessment, including a set of questionnaires and an online practical test, a certificate for 200 hours of online YTT is issued upon passing the test.

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