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Vietnam - This Southeast Asian charm is synonymous with three things: Frenetic cities, incredible outdoor adventures, and some of the best food on earth. From the stunning views of  Ha Long Bay  and Ninh Binh to the man-made artistry of the sacred temples and pagodas to the rice terraces and beaches, Vietnam has a lot to offer travellers.
Walk along the Old Quarters of Hanoi, get enchanted by the lanterns in Hoi An, enjoy the beaches at Da Nang, shop your heart out and get ready for a delightful experience in Vietnam in our 8 days tour

Hanoi old quarters Hanoi Market Live Performances Shopping Food Beer Street Night Market

Private Vehicle

Airport Pickup


Old Quarter

Meals Not Included

We welcome you to the most beautiful and vibrant country. Your airport pickup will be arranged as per your flight arrival time at Hanoi.
Check in at Hotel and head out to explore the capital city. 

Places of attraction in Hanoi 
- Hanoi Train Street - It is a tiny, winding street tucked away in one of Hanoi’s back streets, surrounded by tightly clustered, tall, narrow houses. The train travels by the backyards of these families a couple times each day.

- Hanoi Night Market - Hanoi Night Market is a bustling market in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Fully equipped with endless Vietnamese Souvenirs and cheap goods, it’s a shopper’s paradise.

- Hanoi Old Quarter -The preserved Old Quarter today is the remains of Hanoi's 36 streets in the past. Visiting this place, you can imagine the culture, socio-economy and people of the old Thang Long Citadel.

Hanoi Train Street
Hanoi Old Quarter
Ha Long Bay Cruise Beach Kayaking Water activities




All Meals

Pickup Bus will pick you up from Hotel at Hanoi and take you to for your crise experience in Ha Long Bay. It's around 150km from Hanoi and takes 2 hrs.

Highlights of Cruise

  • Experience the beauty of Vietnam’s natural landscapes during this exciting overnight cruise along Halong Bay
  • Visit famous landmarks like Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Titop Island, and more as you explore
  • Travel aboard the luxurious Majestic ship and sleep peacefully in its cozy luxury cabins
  • Enjoy a feast of delicious Vietnamese cuisine and a special seafood BBQ for dinner during the trip
  • Take part in the cruise’s fun morning kayaking, bamboo boat rowing, and cooking class experiences

Ha Long Bay Cruise Ninh Bin

Public Transport

Shared Limousine



After your Cruise Experience. In the afternoon, we will drop you to Ninh Bin.

Famous for its beautiful scenery and incredible landscapes, from ancient temples to hidden caves and green rice fields, Ninh Binh is one of the top destinations in Vietnam. It is also called the Halong Bay on land. Some of the best things to do in Ninh Binh consist of boat trips on the rivers, cycling through the countryside and visiting ancient temples and pagodas.

Limousine drive Resort Limestone formations in Ninh Bin

Public Transport

Shared Limousine



Spend the day exploring Ninh Bin

Things To Do Ninh Binh

  1. Take a rowing boat trip on the river at Tam Coc and Trang An.
  2. Enjoy a panoramic view at Mua Cave.
  3. Learn about the century-old dynasties at the ruins of the ancient capital Hoa Lu.
  4. Explore the beautiful landscape of Ninh Binh in one of the National Parks.
  5. Go wildlife and bird watching

In the evening, we will arrange a shared Limousine ( A Luxury bus in Vietnam) to drop you to Hanoi. 

Hoi An Ancient Town

Public Transport

Flight to Da Nang



Take an early morning flight from Hanoi to Da Nang International Airport. 
We will arrange Hanoi airport drop and further Da Nang Airport to Hotel in Hoi An in private taxi.

Spend the day exploring the culture and heritage of Hoi An .

Places of Interest

- Da Nang is a large and developed city located 30 minutes from Hoi An. It has great food hot spots, interesting architecture like the Dragon Bridge, and arguably some of the best beaches of Vietnam. Additionally, visit the Lady Buddha and Marble Mountains.

- Hoi An Guided Cultural tour or Food Tour, there are many local guided tours are available to understand the soul of place.

- Take a lazy river ride in one of the traditional Vietnamese basket boats! Thung Chai is the name of this round basket style boat, which is made from bamboo. Try navigating for yourself and you’ll see it’s almost impossible to not spin round in circles, due to the shape of the boat.

Spend the evening enjoying Hoi An Night Market, Lanterns and Food. 
Located in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town - a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, Hoi An night market is one of the most impressive tourist destinations that attract many domestic and foreign tourists. This place has great nighttime with colorful lanterns and interesting activities, which definitely brings you a pleasant vibe.
When visiting Hoi An night market, you can find a unique atmosphere of blissful tranquility although it is always busy with a lot of vendors and their customers. There are a huge number of products here like clothing, shoes, handicrafts, trinkes, accessories,... Especially, it has two rows which are lined with food stalls. Here, you can enjoy plenty of tasty food which contributes to the feature of Hoi An cuisine.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge Cable Car

Public Transport


Breakfast, Lunch

Ba Na Hills

Sun World’s Ba Na Hills resort is located nearly 1,500 meters above sea level and roughly half an hour west of the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang, a coastal city of over one million people known for its sandy beaches, French colonial history, and proximity to the ancient city of Hoi An (a UNESCO World Heritage site). Ba Na Hills gives visitors yet another reason to visit Da Nang. Something of a cross between Disney’s Epcot, a French ski resort, and a Buddhist mountain retreat, the surreal Ba Na Hills complex is like no place I have seen before. And while you have likely never heard of it, you may very well have seen its most famous attraction - the Golden Bridge (aka the “Hand Bridge”), a 500-foot long arced pedestrian bridge that appears to be held up over the world far below by two giant stone hands.The bridge, an attraction tailor-made for the social media age, put Ba Na Hills on the map for foreign travelers when it was completed in 2018, and is sure to become one of Vietnam’s most popular and recognizable sights.

Apart from that, the park is famous for – the Ba Na Cable Car, an extraordinary, European-built system that holds the world record for the longest nonstop single-track cable car ride, at over 19,000 feet in length.

Return to the Ancient town by evening. Overnight at Hoi An Ancient town

Da Nang

Private Vehicle

Airport Drop

Stay Not Applicable


We will arrange a private taxi for airport drop as per your flight timings.
Da Nang is very well connected to all major Indian Cities.

TGE Travels

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𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐉𝐎𝐘 𝐎𝐅 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 Did you know that there is a village in Meghalaya where their inhabitants are called by tunes, not names? Or were you aware of a unique art form practiced in Kutcha, Gujarat, that isn’t practiced anywhere else on Earth? Or did you know that Bhutan’s GDP is determined by its people's Happiness? The joy of traveling is to wholly immerse yourself into the story of the place that you travel to and we at TGE Travels bring nothing less than that on the table. Our well thought out itineraries give a deeper insight into the culture and history of a place by getting our travelers closer to the local communities, their customs, cuisines and lifestyle. And it goes without saying that we are the queens of finding offbeat locations, stays and activities which we bring out in all our itineraries. TGE stands for The Great Escape and a trip with us is like pressing the “Escape” key from the mundane routine to an exciting and cherishable travel experience 𝐖𝐇𝐎 𝐀𝐑𝐄 𝐖𝐄? Established in the year 2016, TGE travels was founded by Reetu Yadav and Jamila Kapasi, two expert mountaineers who had more than 6+ years of experience in mountaineering and the outdoors. TGE Travels is infact one of the rare travel and outdoor companies wholly owned by women with a vision of adding more women leaders in the unconventional outdoor leadership roles. What started as just a trekking company, TGE Travels has evolved into a more wholesome style of traveling by adding experiential traveling as one of its primary services. Our team at TGE Travels are a bunch of travel experts who want to add a meaning to your excursions. We are a strong unit of on ground team leads, backend supports and partner vendors who work cohesively to make your trip smooth and memorable. 𝐖𝐇𝐘 𝐓𝐆𝐄 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐋𝐒? Small Groups Even before Corona, we have firmly believed that traveling in small groups is the best way to form connections and gain experiences. Now more than ever, we are committed to limiting the group size. Our travelers might meet as strangers but we ensure that they leave as friends. Amazing Team Leads What makes TGE Travels awesome are our team leads. They are the reason why our travelers choose to travel with us again and again. Full of energy and enthusiasm, our team leads are the ones who bring the whole group together. Their energy bounces off our travelers and within no time, the entire group forgets that they were just strangers just sometime ago. But of course, our team leads are also very skilled in handling any situation and ensuring the trip goes as smoothly as possible. Well Thought Out Itineraries We have spent endless hours brainstorming on itineraries to bring out the unique stories of the place that we travel to. Not only that, while designing any itinerary our team personally travels to the location to identify experiences and off beat locations. We try to provide the best experience within the timeframe and budget and that has made us popular as one of the more thought driven travel itinerary planners. Choosing the Right Stays We select our accommodation partners meaningfully. Our stays should have a story to tell. This encourages us in going beyond the standard hotels and instead delving into a wide range of accommodation options where we can choose from authentic homestays, which to us is one of the best ways to learn about the culture of a place, to beautiful resorts that are situated at the perfect picturesque locations to boutique hotels that are elegant and charming. Safe Mode of Transport Just like our accommodation partners, we give a lot of importance in choosing the right transport partners. Most of our journey is on road and we ensure our travelers are comfortable in the vehicle. Our drivers become a part of the group and it's amazing to see how our travelers treat them as just one of their own. When it comes to bike trips or Scooty trips, we ensure the two wheelers are well serviced and maintained. Apart from that we always have a support vehicle with us throughout the journey Delicious Food Food is an integral part of our itineraries. Hence all meals are planned in advance allowing our travelers to taste the unique cuisines of the regions that they travel to. We encourage our travelers in trying out local delicacies but never hesitate to deliver something comfortable immediately if the local food does not suit their palette. Responsible Travel We firmly believe in responsible tourism. Apart from the standard no littering policy, we encourage our travellers to be sensitive to the local communities.

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Fatema Zavery
Fatema Zavery

It's always a pleasure travelling with TGE! The one thing I love most is their attention to detail, which ensures that your trip is a memorable one. Travelling with TGE is a wholesome experience, you see the larger more iconic places with no compromise on the little things. Travel with them if you want to interact with the people of the place, eat their food, in short experience their lives. These guys do a superb job of making everyone comfortable and everytime I travel with them I make beautiful bonds with all the other travellers. I would 100% recommend TGE to everyone who has the travel bug. It doesn't get better than this! ☺️❤️

Diwan Chauhan
Diwan Chauhan

I have known Reetu and Jamila for many years and have worked with them in the past. But this was the first time I decided to travel with them as a participant. When Reetu told me about exploring Spiti in winters I was completely on board. The itinerary sounded exciting and the pricing less. S my friend Manish and I immediately signed up for it. One of the best decisions I ever took. Spiti in winters in beautiful. The 7 days with the team was wonderful. We spent our days driving around the valley and our evenings dancing to pahadi songs. The planning was perfect with utmost care given in the choice of stay and comfort. Of course the highlight of the trip was spotting a snow leopard. Overall it was an amazing trip and I am looking forward to join many more with The Great Escape

Shravan Kumar Poshetty
Shravan Kumar Poshetty

Should I describe with “perfect planning” / “meticulous coordination”/ “cordial organiser”...might be with all of it.
Flawless execution is what makes them unique and organiser Reetu Yadav has let all of us experience it with her executional capabilities...
Clarity n flow of communication:-5/5
Accommodation cleanliness:-5/5
Food:-5/5 (delicious)
Comfort in Mode of Travel:-5/5
Action in Emergency:- very swift 5/5
Team has proved that its not all about the commercial trip but also the cause which is concealed in their carryings. What we pay at Flemingo Resort at Dholavira goes to educate and for taking care of more than 400 students and their boarding facilities as well.
Its not over yet, you will be pleased to meet the gifted souls from remote villages who are manifested in their respective disciplines like Rogan Art (Hon’le prime minister himself have gifted one to Barack Obama), Wood Art and Bell Art, Textile etc.
You will get to eat the delicious food made out of love from the local (A1 class food).
Off all, well planned itinerary and the execution is commendable. We RoK team who departed on 12th Dec’19 are truly happy with the onsite organiser Reetu Yadav and the offline backbone Jamila Kapasi who took good care of each of us at every stretch.
Their intact affirmative relation and proper delicacy in their execution makes then unique.
My best friend is much impressed with their proceedings and that makes me much happier than ever.
Last but not least, am fortunate to have rest 13 of the participants as part of my extended family. Again the credit goes to TGE.
Kudos to the team and i look for further association with “THE GREAT ESCAPE” ( you have already give our team a great escape from the routine.
Way to go TGE team!!!

Kumar Tarur Parameswaran
Kumar Tarur Parameswaran

Such great detailed planning at micro level and being open and upfront about the tour details impressed me at the very start. They lived up to their promise in every which way.
TGE’s expression of their solidarity towards the cause of the villagers by getting travellers to interact with them in a lively way and help the villagers in their livelihood was one of the primary reasons I chose to travel with TGE.
TGE means immersive experiential travel and what you get in return and come away with are unforgettable lifetime memories.
Looking forward to many more tours with TGE. Reetu and Jamila pull your collars up. Way to go! You will go miles!

Roopal Nagaria
Roopal Nagaria

The great escape recently took care of my 10 days family trip to Bhutan. We were 9 of us, including 2 kids and 2 elderlies. Each detail of the trip was so beautifully planned and coordinated. Jamila was personally in touch with drivers, hotels and homestay owners to ensure we ar getting the best of experience. We never even had to look for directions, call hotel or tell driver about anything. Everything was already taken care of and we were just the guests in very true sense. Such a wonderful trip it was. Everything was so beautiful including all the places where we stayed.
Much thanks to Jamila and the great escape team to make it work like magic for us!
100 stars!!


• Accommodation at all locations as per your preferred hotel category and room sharing basis
• Meals Included: As mentioned in the itinerary
• TGE Assistance through out the trip
• Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals
• 1N/2D Cruise experience as mentioned (Includes pick & drop, All Meals, Activities(
• Day Trip to Ba Na Hills ( includes pick and drop, entrance to Ba Na Hills and cable car, lunch, guide)
• Ha Long Bay to Ninh Bin and Ninh Bin to Hanoi drop in a shared Limousine
* 01 Hanoi to Da Nang domestic flight
• Following airport pick and drop as per your preferred arrival and departure time.
 1. Noi Ban airport to Hanoi old town, hotel
 2. Hanoi hotel to Noi Ban airport for flight to Da Nanag
 3. Da Nang airport to Hoi An Hotel
 4. Hoi An Hotel to Da Nang Airport


• Airfare (international )
• Internal Transportation ( Bicycle, Bike, Taxi's, Shared Vehicles etc)
• Personal Beverages of any kind ( Included mineral water bottles and cold drinks)
• All meals not mentioned in inclusion section
• Activity Charges (snorkelling, boatride, bamboo ride, etc)
• Personal Expenses of any kind
• Monuments Entrance fees during sightseeing
• Tips
• 5% GST


Hanoi and Da nang International Aiports have good connectivity to various cities in India like Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai.

Policy and Terms

20 days before the event start date: No Refund

20- 40 days before the event start date: 50% Refund

Before 40 days of the event start date: 75% Refund

Note: The above charges are calculated on the total trip cost and not the booking amt.

You can send any cancellation request to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Booking amount is non refundable. Balance amount will be deducted/refunded/transferred as per the standard cancellation policy

Booking amount is transferable only if a request for such is made 30 days before the trip start date. You can email the request to [email protected]

Cancellation/Ammendment by the Participant during the tour
Incase you are unable to continue with the tour due to any health conditions or acclimatization issues or any other issue, any expenses on alternate arrangements made have be borne by you and TGE is not liable to pay for transportation, accommodation, hospitalization, meals or any other expenses incurred 

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