Enchanting Arunachal: Exploring Nature's Hidden Gem

Arunachal Pradesh

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Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the breathtaking realm of Arunachal Pradesh, where nature's grandeur and spiritual serenity converge in perfect harmony. This enchanting journey takes you to the crown jewel of this northeastern paradise - Tawang. Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, Tawang is a haven of tranquility and cultural richness, offering a captivating blend of ancient monasteries, pristine lakes, and majestic landscapes. As you traverse through this mystical land, prepare to be captivated by the vibrant culture of the Monpa people and the mesmerizing vistas that surround you. Join us on this unforgettable Arunachal Pradesh with Tawang itinerary as we unveil the region's hidden gems and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Tawang, Dirang, Sangti Valley, Bum La, Bomdilla

Balukpong River Rafting

Private Vehicle



Arriving at Guwahati Airport, your exciting journey through Arunachal Pradesh begins. The scenic drive takes you through picturesque landscapes and charming villages, offering a glimpse of the region's natural beauty. As the day comes to a close, you'll reach Balukpong, a serene town surrounded by nature's tranquility. Rest for the night, ready to embrace the adventures that await you in this enchanting destination.

Things To Do At Balukpong

River Rafting: Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping experience by indulging in river rafting on the Kameng River. The river's gentle rapids and scenic surroundings make it a thrilling yet enjoyable activity.

Dirang hot springs

Private Vehicle


Breakfast, Dinner

Embarking on a scenic journey from Balukpong to Dirang, you'll be treated to yet another delightful facet of Arunachal Pradesh's natural beauty. The road meanders through picturesque landscapes, revealing cascading waterfalls, terraced fields, and quaint villages along the way. As you reach Dirang, the enchanting valley town, you'll be greeted by a breathtaking vista of lush greenery and snow-capped peaks.

After settling in, embark on a sightseeing adventure in Dirang. Visit the historic Dirang Dzong, an ancient fortress that offers a glimpse into the region's rich cultural heritage. Stroll through the serene apple orchards and witness the traditional craftsmanship of the locals at a nearby craft center.

In the evening, unwind with a visit to the hot water springs, known for their therapeutic properties. The soothing waters offer a rejuvenating experience, making it an ideal spot to relax and refresh your senses.

After a day filled with exploration and immersion in Dirang's charm, retire for the night in this serene valley town. The comfort of your accommodation complements the peacefulness of the surroundings, leaving you ready to continue your journey through Arunachal Pradesh's captivating landscapes on the morrow

Mandala Top Sangti Valley

Private Vehicle


Breakfast, Dinner

Mandala Top, perched at an elevation of approximately 6,500 feet, offers awe-inspiring panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and snow-capped peaks. The exhilarating experience of reaching the top will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas that will leave you in awe.

After soaking in the majestic scenery at Mandala Top, proceed towards the tranquil Sangti Valley. As you descend, the landscape transforms into a picturesque paradise, adorned with apple orchards and serene pastures. The valley's charm lies in its unspoiled beauty and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants.

Upon arrival at Sangti Valley, take a leisurely walk amidst the apple and kiwi orchards, where the aroma of fresh fruits fills the air. The valley is also home to the Black-Necked Crane, an endangered species, making it a haven for birdwatchers.

As the day draws to a close, bask in the serenity of Sangti Valley, surrounded by the towering mountains and the soothing sound of flowing streams. The cool breeze and starlit sky create the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable night under the stars.

Rest well in the cozy accommodations of the valley, rejuvenated and ready to continue your exploration of Arunachal Pradesh's natural wonders. The tranquil beauty of Sangti Valley will leave a lasting impression, making your stay here a truly magical experience.


Sela Pass Narunang Falls Tawang Monastery Urgelling Monastery

Private Vehicle


Breakfast, Dinner

Embarking on a captivating journey from Sangti to Tawang, via the majestic Sela Pass and Narunang Falls, you'll be treated to a remarkable adventure through the wonders of Arunachal Pradesh. The road winds through picturesque landscapes, offering stunning views of snow-capped peaks and the gushing Kameng River.

As you ascend to the famous Sela Pass, situated at an altitude of around 13,700 feet, the awe-inspiring beauty of the high mountain pass unfolds before your eyes. Stop for a moment to take in the breathtaking vistas, surrounded by pristine snow and the serene ambiance of the Himalayas.

Continuing your journey, you'll be enthralled by the mesmerizing Narunang Falls, cascading down the rocky cliffs in a magnificent display of nature's power and beauty. The sight of the waterfall adds a touch of magic to your travel experience, leaving you with cherished memories.

Arriving in Tawang, the spiritual heart of Arunachal Pradesh, you'll be captivated by the town's cultural richness and serene monasteries. The iconic Tawang Monastery, dating back to the 17th century, stands tall as a testament to the region's Buddhist heritage. Explore the ancient halls, vibrant prayer flags, and intricate artwork, and witness the monks engaging in their daily rituals.

Visit the Urgelling Monastery, where the 6th Dalai Lama was born, and the Ani Gompa, a nunnery that holds a special place in the spiritual legacy of the area.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local markets, where you can find unique handicrafts and traditional artifacts, showcasing the artistic skills of the Monpa people.

As the sun sets over the mountains, casting a golden glow on the town, find tranquility in Tawang's spiritual aura. Rest well during your overnight stay, ready to continue your exploration of Tawang's hidden treasures in the days ahead. The town's cultural charm and natural beauty will leave a lasting impression on your soul, making this journey one to remember forever.


Bum La Pass Tawang

Private Vehicle


Breakfast, Dinner

Embarking on an unforgettable day trip from Tawang, you'll venture to the legendary Bum La Pass, a high-altitude mountain pass that marks the border between India and China. The journey to Bum La Pass takes you through rugged terrains and pristine landscapes, offering breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and meandering streams.

Bum La Pass holds significant historical and strategic importance, as it was one of the routes used by the 14th Dalai Lama to enter India during his exile from Tibet in 1959. Today, it remains an essential location for border trade and diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries.

As you reach the pass, the awe-inspiring beauty of the surrounding mountains and the tranquil atmosphere leave you in wonder. The air is crisp, and the serenity of the landscape creates a sense of reverence for nature's grandeur.

Take a moment to capture the mesmerizing scenery with your camera or simply immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance. Keep an eye out for the unique flora and fauna that inhabit this high-altitude region.

After a memorable day at Bum La Pass, you'll return to Tawang, where the warmth of your overnight stay awaits. Rest in the comfort of your accommodation, surrounded by the spiritual aura of the town and the memories of the day's adventure.

Tawang's mystical charm and the spiritual legacy of its monasteries will continue to enchant you during your overnight stay, leaving you eager to explore more of the wonders that Arunachal Pradesh has to offer in the days to come.


Bomdila Bomdila Monastery

Private Vehicle


Breakfast, Dinner

Embarking on a picturesque journey from Tawang to Bomdila, you'll be treated to yet another breathtaking drive through the enchanting landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh. As you bid farewell to Tawang's spiritual aura, the road unfolds before you, revealing lush valleys, rolling hills, and charming villages along the way.

Arriving in Bomdila, you'll discover a quaint town nestled at an altitude of approximately 8,500 feet, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. After settling in, embark on a delightful sightseeing tour in Bomdila.

Visit the Gontse Rabgyaling Monastery, also known as Bomdila Monastery, perched atop a hill and adorned with vibrant prayer flags. This serene Buddhist monastery is a place of spiritual solace and offers magnificent vistas of the valley below.

Explore the local markets, where you can find unique handicrafts, traditional textiles, and colorful souvenirs, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Bomdila is also known for its apple orchards, and you can indulge in some freshly picked apples or apple-based products during your visit.

In the evening, as the sun sets over the mountains, the town's tranquil ambiance sets the perfect mood for reflection and relaxation.

Rest well in the comfort of your overnight stay in Bomdila, ready to carry the memories of the day's explorations and the charm of this delightful town as you continue your journey through the wonders of Arunachal Pradesh.

Private Vehicle



As your memorable journey through the enchanting landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh comes to an end, it's time to bid farewell to this beautiful region. Leaving behind the tranquility of Bomdila, you'll embark on a scenic drive back to Guwahati, the bustling gateway to the Northeast.

We hope that your time in Arunachal Pradesh has left an indelible mark on your heart, and that the serenity and beauty of this land will remain with you as cherished souvenirs of your adventure.

Thank you for choosing to explore the hidden gems of Arunachal Pradesh with us. We bid you goodbye with a heart full of gratitude and warm wishes for your future journeys. May your wanderlust continue to lead you to new horizons and breathtaking destinations. Until we meet again, safe travels!

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๐“๐‡๐„ ๐‰๐Ž๐˜ ๐Ž๐… ๐“๐‘๐€๐•๐„๐‹๐ˆ๐๐† Did you know that there is a village in Meghalaya where their inhabitants are called by tunes, not names? Or were you aware of a unique art form practiced in Kutcha, Gujarat, that isnโ€™t practiced anywhere else on Earth? Or did you know that Bhutanโ€™s GDP is determined by its people's Happiness? The joy of traveling is to wholly immerse yourself into the story of the place that you travel to and we at TGE Travels bring nothing less than that on the table. Our well thought out itineraries give a deeper insight into the culture and history of a place by getting our travelers closer to the local communities, their customs, cuisines and lifestyle. And it goes without saying that we are the queens of finding offbeat locations, stays and activities which we bring out in all our itineraries. TGE stands for The Great Escape and a trip with us is like pressing the โ€œEscapeโ€ key from the mundane routine to an exciting and cherishable travel experience ๐–๐‡๐Ž ๐€๐‘๐„ ๐–๐„? Established in the year 2016, TGE travels was founded by Reetu Yadav and Jamila Kapasi, two expert mountaineers who had more than 6+ years of experience in mountaineering and the outdoors. TGE Travels is infact one of the rare travel and outdoor companies wholly owned by women with a vision of adding more women leaders in the unconventional outdoor leadership roles. What started as just a trekking company, TGE Travels has evolved into a more wholesome style of traveling by adding experiential traveling as one of its primary services. Our team at TGE Travels are a bunch of travel experts who want to add a meaning to your excursions. We are a strong unit of on ground team leads, backend supports and partner vendors who work cohesively to make your trip smooth and memorable. ๐–๐‡๐˜ ๐“๐†๐„ ๐“๐‘๐€๐•๐„๐‹๐’? Small Groups Even before Corona, we have firmly believed that traveling in small groups is the best way to form connections and gain experiences. Now more than ever, we are committed to limiting the group size. Our travelers might meet as strangers but we ensure that they leave as friends. Amazing Team Leads What makes TGE Travels awesome are our team leads. They are the reason why our travelers choose to travel with us again and again. Full of energy and enthusiasm, our team leads are the ones who bring the whole group together. Their energy bounces off our travelers and within no time, the entire group forgets that they were just strangers just sometime ago. But of course, our team leads are also very skilled in handling any situation and ensuring the trip goes as smoothly as possible. Well Thought Out Itineraries We have spent endless hours brainstorming on itineraries to bring out the unique stories of the place that we travel to. Not only that, while designing any itinerary our team personally travels to the location to identify experiences and off beat locations. We try to provide the best experience within the timeframe and budget and that has made us popular as one of the more thought driven travel itinerary planners. Choosing the Right Stays We select our accommodation partners meaningfully. Our stays should have a story to tell. This encourages us in going beyond the standard hotels and instead delving into a wide range of accommodation options where we can choose from authentic homestays, which to us is one of the best ways to learn about the culture of a place, to beautiful resorts that are situated at the perfect picturesque locations to boutique hotels that are elegant and charming. Safe Mode of Transport Just like our accommodation partners, we give a lot of importance in choosing the right transport partners. Most of our journey is on road and we ensure our travelers are comfortable in the vehicle. Our drivers become a part of the group and it's amazing to see how our travelers treat them as just one of their own. When it comes to bike trips or Scooty trips, we ensure the two wheelers are well serviced and maintained. Apart from that we always have a support vehicle with us throughout the journey Delicious Food Food is an integral part of our itineraries. Hence all meals are planned in advance allowing our travelers to taste the unique cuisines of the regions that they travel to. We encourage our travelers in trying out local delicacies but never hesitate to deliver something comfortable immediately if the local food does not suit their palette. Responsible Travel We firmly believe in responsible tourism. Apart from the standard no littering policy, we encourage our travellers to be sensitive to the local communities.

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Fatema Zavery
Fatema Zavery

It's always a pleasure travelling with TGE! The one thing I love most is their attention to detail, which ensures that your trip is a memorable one. Travelling with TGE is a wholesome experience, you see the larger more iconic places with no compromise on the little things. Travel with them if you want to interact with the people of the place, eat their food, in short experience their lives. These guys do a superb job of making everyone comfortable and everytime I travel with them I make beautiful bonds with all the other travellers. I would 100% recommend TGE to everyone who has the travel bug. It doesn't get better than this! โ˜บ๏ธโค๏ธ

Diwan Chauhan
Diwan Chauhan

I have known Reetu and Jamila for many years and have worked with them in the past. But this was the first time I decided to travel with them as a participant. When Reetu told me about exploring Spiti in winters I was completely on board. The itinerary sounded exciting and the pricing less. S my friend Manish and I immediately signed up for it. One of the best decisions I ever took. Spiti in winters in beautiful. The 7 days with the team was wonderful. We spent our days driving around the valley and our evenings dancing to pahadi songs. The planning was perfect with utmost care given in the choice of stay and comfort. Of course the highlight of the trip was spotting a snow leopard. Overall it was an amazing trip and I am looking forward to join many more with The Great Escape

Shravan Kumar Poshetty
Shravan Kumar Poshetty

Should I describe with โ€œperfect planningโ€ / โ€œmeticulous coordinationโ€/ โ€œcordial organiserโ€...might be with all of it.
Flawless execution is what makes them unique and organiser Reetu Yadav has let all of us experience it with her executional capabilities...
Clarity n flow of communication:-5/5
Accommodation cleanliness:-5/5
Food:-5/5 (delicious)
Comfort in Mode of Travel:-5/5
Action in Emergency:- very swift 5/5
Team has proved that its not all about the commercial trip but also the cause which is concealed in their carryings. What we pay at Flemingo Resort at Dholavira goes to educate and for taking care of more than 400 students and their boarding facilities as well.
Its not over yet, you will be pleased to meet the gifted souls from remote villages who are manifested in their respective disciplines like Rogan Art (Honโ€™le prime minister himself have gifted one to Barack Obama), Wood Art and Bell Art, Textile etc.
You will get to eat the delicious food made out of love from the local (A1 class food).
Off all, well planned itinerary and the execution is commendable. We RoK team who departed on 12th Decโ€™19 are truly happy with the onsite organiser Reetu Yadav and the offline backbone Jamila Kapasi who took good care of each of us at every stretch.
Their intact affirmative relation and proper delicacy in their execution makes then unique.
My best friend is much impressed with their proceedings and that makes me much happier than ever.
Last but not least, am fortunate to have rest 13 of the participants as part of my extended family. Again the credit goes to TGE.
Kudos to the team and i look for further association with โ€œTHE GREAT ESCAPEโ€ ( you have already give our team a great escape from the routine.
Way to go TGE team!!!

Kumar Tarur Parameswaran
Kumar Tarur Parameswaran

Such great detailed planning at micro level and being open and upfront about the tour details impressed me at the very start. They lived up to their promise in every which way.
TGEโ€™s expression of their solidarity towards the cause of the villagers by getting travellers to interact with them in a lively way and help the villagers in their livelihood was one of the primary reasons I chose to travel with TGE.
TGE means immersive experiential travel and what you get in return and come away with are unforgettable lifetime memories.
Looking forward to many more tours with TGE. Reetu and Jamila pull your collars up. Way to go! You will go miles!

Roopal Nagaria
Roopal Nagaria

The great escape recently took care of my 10 days family trip to Bhutan. We were 9 of us, including 2 kids and 2 elderlies. Each detail of the trip was so beautifully planned and coordinated. Jamila was personally in touch with drivers, hotels and homestay owners to ensure we ar getting the best of experience. We never even had to look for directions, call hotel or tell driver about anything. Everything was already taken care of and we were just the guests in very true sense. Such a wonderful trip it was. Everything was so beautiful including all the places where we stayed.
Much thanks to Jamila and the great escape team to make it work like magic for us!
100 stars!!


โ€ข Accommodation at all locations in hotels/homestays on (Double/Triple Basis - Depending on the room type)
โ€ข Meals as mentioned above
โ€ข Private Vehicle for Sightseeing ( Tempo Traveller)
โ€ข Experienced TGE Guide and Driver
โ€ข All Necessary Permit
โ€ข Visit to Bum La Pass
โ€ข First Aid


โ€ข Airfare or transportation to Guwahati
โ€ข Personal Beverages of any kind
โ€ข All meals not mentioned in inclusion section
โ€ข Personal Expenses of any kind
โ€ข Entrance fees during sightseeing
โ€ข Activity Charges (River Rafting etc)
โ€ข 5% GST


  1. Photo ID proof
  2. Comfortable clothing
  3. Thick Warm jacket and thermal wear.
  4. Comfortable Shoes (you can carry slippers to wear at hotel/homestay)
  5. Personal medication if any
  6. Toiletries 
  7. Sunscreen and cap for the day
  8. warm cap/socks for evenings
  9. Power bank (you will be on the road everyday)
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Water bottle (We don't encourage buying plastic bottles)
  12. Raincoat


By Air (Recommended)
The nearest airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, Assam. From here we will arrange a pick up and begin our tour to Arunachal Pradesh

Day 1: Fly in by 8:00 AM
Day 7: Fly out after 8:00 PM

Policy and Terms

20 days before the event start date: No Refund

20- 40 days before the event start date: 50% Refund

Before 40 days of the event start date: 75% Refund

Note: The above charges are calculated on the total trip cost and not the booking amt.

You can send any cancellation request to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Please pay a booking amt of INR 5000/- per person to confirm your spot.

Balance amount to be paid 30 days before the trip start date.

Booking amount is non refundable. Balance amount will be deducted/refunded/transferred as per the standard cancellation policy

Booking amount is transferable only if a request for such is made 30 days before the trip start date. You can email the request to [email protected]

Exception: covid Rules

Incase of lockdown due to which travel is impossible, the booking amount will be transferred to any future convenient date/trip. You can choose to get the balance amount refunded or transferred

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