Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

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  • 8 Days  7 Nights 
  • Difficulty - Hard

A Himalayan trek that takes you to the source of the Holy River Ganga should be one of the most sought-after treks and yet The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek remains extremely underrated

The term Gaumukh means the “mouth of a cow” and the glacier is named so because of its seeming resemblance to the snout of a cow. It holds extreme significance as it is a holy Hindu pilgrimage site that many devotees visit along with Gangotri

Nestled at an altitude of 14,600ft in the Uttarkashi district of the state of Uttarakhand, the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek offers a spectacular view of the Garwhal Himalayas with Mt.Shivling and the majestic Bhagirathi massif being the most prominent ones.

Stretching to an expanse of 46 Km, the trail leads you to Gaumukh which is the terminus of the Gamukh Glacier as well as the source of the Bhagirathi River. The Bhagirathi river along with the Alaknanda river comes together in the Devprayag region of Uttarakhand as the holy river Ganga.

The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek starts from Gangotri and takes you through the Gangotri National Park which is abode by the rare snow leopard along with many rare species of flora and fauna

An 8-day trek that is a blend of spirituality and adventure, The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a moderate-difficult trek that takes you through steep ascents, rocky formations, grasslands, and lush green forests to offer you some of the most glorious views you’ll ever get to witness

The trek starts from Gangotri which is often called the source of Ganga even though in reality it simply leads you to Gaumukh which is the actual place from where the holy river originates from. The mythological significance of the Bhagirathi river that flows from the glacier is that upon the pleadings of King Bhagirath, Lord Shiva requested Goddess Ganga to purify the ashes of his sons. The concept of the river Ganga washing away all your sins and cleansing your soul comes from this story. This is also the reason that so many pilgrims visit Gangotri as well as Gamukh

Gangotri is a 10-12 hr drive from Dehradun and en-route route you get stunning views of enchanting valleys and the majestic Himalayas. The actual trek starts when you head to Chirbasa from Gangotri

The Chirbasa trail goes through lush green forests and offers a stunning view of Sudarshan Parbat in the backdrop along with many other Himalayan peaks. The trek from Gangotri to Chirbasa is easy as the trail gradually inclines and has many water resources to keep you energized throughout the stretch of 10 km that the trail is made up. After crossing many streams and rivers, the valley opens up its arm to you, speckled with silver and birch trees all around

All along the trail of the Gaumukh Tapovan trek, the Bhagirathi river roars below you. The trail is enclosed by the Gangotri Nation Park which is why you’d also be getting glimpses of wildlife and blooming flowers here and there. Near the end of the trail, you’ll be passing through the check post by the Forest Department which would signify your arrival at the Chirbasa campsite. Chirbasa offers a view of both Bhagirathi peaks as well as the Gaumukh Glacier.

The next day, you’ll head out to Bhojabhasa. The trek from Chirbasa to Bhojbasa consists of gradual ascent but with scarce water resources. As soon as you embark on the path to Chirbasa, the valley opens up even wider offering you stunning views of snow-capped peaks. The trail consists of boulders and sedimentation which is why caution is advised especially in case of loose rocks falling from above

The tree line starts disappearing the closer you get to Bhojbasa and the valley widens to a stretch of open land offering you views of Mt.Shivling, the Gaumukh Glacier, and the Bhojbasa valley. Birch trees are in abundance here around the campsite which is how it got its name as well. Nestled at an altitude of 12,415 ft this campsite is one of the most beautiful halt points on the Gaumukh Tapovan trek with the crystal clear skies above you and vast expanse of grasslands ahead of you with the glorious Himalayan peaks beckoning you closer to the backdrop

The trail to Gaumukh is narrowed and hence it seems as if the valley is closing in on itself but as you keep walking on the ascending trails, you’d reach your first glacial river crossing with Mt. Shivling standing tall as ever on your right side. Once you cross over the rockface that you’d be coming across while on your way to the glacier, you’ll finally be able to see the Gaumukh Glacier. The trail to gaumukh at first is lined with sedimentary rocks but as you cross the second glacial river, the trail becomes defined

To get the best view of the Gamukh Glacier, you’ll have to climb up the rocky patches and from the vantage point, you’d be able to see Gaumukh in all its glory. After witnessing the wonder that the Gamukh Glacier is, you’d be required to return

The next stretch of the Gaumukh Tapovan trek is perhaps the trickiest one as it consists of steep ascents that fall under the moderate category and glacier walks. Not to mention that you’d be trekking towards an altitude of 14,203ft which poses a challenge in itself

A few minutes of a walk after leaving the Bhojbasa campsite will lead you to the Bhagirathi river that you’d be crossing by using the trolley that has been installed by the forest department. The initial stretch of the trek is an easy walk with stones and boulders lining the trail. After that, the gradual ascent begins. You’ll have to cross some large rocks and boulders and once you’ve done that a steep climb will take you to Tapovan

A high-altitude meadow that stretches to an expanse of land, the campsite at Tapovan blesses you with the experience of witnessing some of the most magnificent Garwhal Himalayas like Mt.Shivling, Meru, Sumeru, and the Bhagirathi peaks. You can explore the grounds and observe the valley from different vantage points

Staying at Tapovan is considered to be one of the most peaceful retreats that you can undertake especially since renowned sages from all over the world continue to come here to meditate

In a Nutshell, The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is a one-of-a-kind trek where you get to see nature in all its raw glory in the form of the Gaumukh Glacier and the Bhagirathi river flowing from under its terminus. Apart from the glacier, the views of the Garwhal Himalayas that accompany you throughout the trek are breathtaking and, simply get better the further you trek

The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a seasonal trek which means that it is accessible only for a few months. The best time to do the Gaumukh Tapovan trek is the months of September, October, and November which is basically when the entire country is experiencing the autumn season

Although the trek tests your endurance by making you cross rivers and rockfaces, the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek can be done by beginners. However, they will need to get fit for the trek by undertaking cardio exercises and going on long walks to get their body used to all the challenges they will face

The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is also one of the best post-monsoon treks to do in the Himalayas, with winter just around the corner and shades of autumn taking over the landscape

In a nutshell, The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is one of the most beautiful Himalayan treks that is both thrilling and peaceful, with its roots going back to mythology and its trails leading you to some of the most spectacular views of the mountains.


Drive from Dehradun to Gangotr

Acclimatization day in Gangotr

Trek from Gangotri to Chirbas

Trek from Chirbasa to Bhojbas

Trek from Bhojbasa to Gaumuk
via Tapova

Trek from Tapovan to Bhojwas

Trek from Bhojwasa to Gangotr

Drive from Gangotri to Dehradun
Trek Ends

The group will assemble at the pickup point in Dehradun at 6:30 AM.

Afterwards, we’ll drive towards Gangotri. The long drive consists of scenic views of the Himalayas in the backdrop.

Upon reaching Gangotri, we’ll check in to our designated hotels and spend the day at leisure exploring the local market.

Dinner followed by an overnight stay in Gangotri.

Note: The pickup point is Dehradun Railway Station. 

After breakfast, the travelers are advised to go for local sightseeing and visit the Gangotri temple as well as other significant places in Gangotri such as Bhagirath Shila and Pandava Gufa.

In the evening, dinner will be served followed by an overnight stay in Gangotri.

Note: This day spent in Gangotri is for acclimatization purposes.

After breakfast, we will start our trekking journey. The Bhagirathi river along with pine trees line your trekking trail. The gradual ascents make the stretch of the trek relatively easier.

After traversing through the trails of Gangotri National Park, the majestic Sudarshan peak will come into view signifying your arrival at the Chirbasa Campsite.

This is perhaps the most beautiful campsite, with the Bhagirathi river flowing through the mountains accompanied by lush green canopies.

In the evening, dinner will be served followed by an overnight stay in the camps.

After waking up to the incredible view of the mountains and having breakfast, we’ll head towards our next campsite.

The gradual ascent along with wider trails make this stretch quite easier. Birch trees will soon come into view which are in abundance throughout the valley and are also the reason why the campsite is called Bhojbasa.

Upon reaching the campsite, we will spend the rest of the day at leisure.

In the evening, dinner will be served followed by an overnight stay in the camps.

After breakfast, we will prepare ourselves for the longest day of our trekking journey. Although the trek to Gaumukh is fairly easy, it is a steep trek with limited water resources.

Gaumukh is the end of the Gangotri glacier which is the originating point of the holy river Ganga. The trail to Gaumukh is lined with boulders and hence caution is advised.

After Gaumukh, we’d be heading towards Tapovan which is popular among sages who seek spirituality. It also offers a panoramic view of Mt. Shivling which is considered to be one of the most sacred mountains.

Upon reaching Tapovan, we’ll check into the campsite. Dinner followed by overnight stay in Tapovan.

After breakfast, we will check out of our campsite and start our descent.

Tracing our steps back through the dirt trails and sedimentation of glaciers, we’ll make our way to Bhojbasa.

Upon reaching the campsite in Bhojbasa, we’ll spend the day at leisure.

Dinner followed by an overnight stay in camps.

Post breakfast, we will check out of the campsite and start our descent towards Gangotri. The stream of Bhagirathi will yet again accompany you as you make your way back.

Upon reaching Gangotri, we will check into our designated hotels. The rest of the day is at leisure.

Dinner followed by overnight stay in Gangotri.

After breakfast, we will check out of our hotel and start our return journey to Dehradun.

Upon reaching Dehradun, the group will dissemble and part ways.

Trek Ends.

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Shouri Piratla
Shouri Piratla

Spiti trip has been amazing. All the accommodations and services provided by JustWravel were really great and comfortable. Will definitely pick JustWravel for my future expeditions.

Kelay Shah
Kelay Shah

views. There will be some places that'll make you speechless and you'll want to just sit and appreciate the beauty of nature. Would definitely plan next trips with Piyush and justwravel! :D

Brijesh Daiya
Brijesh Daiya

Great Experience! We took Justwravel's road trip package to Spiti Valley. The package is well organized covering main sightseeings and places to visit. All the accommodations and travel arrangements were comfy and included most of the promised amenities. Special thanks to Piyush Rawat, our coordinator, he managed and acted his best in all the situations. His jolliness added more fun to the trip. Although many destinations were covered in a short period of time, the trip was relaxing. Thanks for such memorable moments of our lives.

Pratik Chheda
Pratik Chheda

Spiti valley was a life time experience. Justwravel had been a good choice for the trip. It had managed professionally with minor ups and downs. Most of the places were covered. The hotels and homestays had good hygienic facilities and conditions. Overall it was a good experience!

Priya Chopra
Priya Chopra

It was my first solo trip with Justwravel and I couldn't Have asked for anything more. They gave me everything beyond expectations. The food, the people, the travel everything was superb. Once I came back I felt like I left my home and family there. Looking forward to more exciting trips with them :)

Shubhra Bharadwaj
Shubhra Bharadwaj

I had the pleasure of visiting spiti this time with justwravel accompanied by Mr.Nishant Bhardwaj from the company .It was a nearly organised,well crafted trip where even small things were taken good care of.They add a personal loving touch in addition to the services they provide.I would recommend this to everyone ,whether going on a solo trip like me or going with friends / family .



Accommodations: 3 Nights of Accommodations in a Hotel / Guest House in Gangotri on a Triple sharing basis. 4 Nights Tented Accommodation on a triple sharing basis.

Transportation: Surface transfer from Dehradun - Gangotri - Dehradun by Sumo / Bolero / Tempo Traveler (Depends on the number of Travelers).

Meals: All Veg Meals from Day 1st Dinner to Day 8th Breakfast.

Snacks: Morning / Evening Tea / Coffee with light snacks.

Camping logistics: Tent, Utensils, Sleeping bags, Mattresses, Dining tent, Toilet tent. 

Trek Leader: Qualified and Experienced Trek leader and support staff.

Permits: All necessary fees and permits.

Safety Equipment: Basic First Aid kit with Oximeter and Oxygen Cylinder.

Guide ratio: 1:10 


Any expenses of personal nature.

Meals during transit.

Insurance of any kind.

Any fees and permits (for non-Indians).

Unscheduled delay due to a landslide.

Cost Escalation due to “Force Majeure and Evacuation charges”.

Anything not mentioned explicitly in the above program.


Backpack (Min 55 Ltrs with rain cover): It is important that you pick a good quality backpack with a comfortable fit and straps that won’t give you shoulder pain. You can check out your nearest Decathlon store for a good trekking backpack.

Day backpack (20 – 30 Ltrs): When you head towards the summit, you are required to carry only a few necessary items and for that you need a day backpack as you will leave your bigger one on the campsite. 

Floaters or Sandals: Although the entire trek requires a good quality shoe, you still need to let your feet breathe to avoid chafing and blisters. When you are at the camp, a good pair of sandals and floaters will help you to move freely.

Trekking Shoes: A good trekking shoe is one that is comfortable, provides ankle support and has a good grip as well. They shouldn’t be chunky, instead they should be lightweight and sturdy.

3 Quick Dry Tees: It’s important that you keep at least three pairs of quick dry tees so that you can wash them in between stops for proper hygiene. 

2 Track Pants: A good pair of track pants made of polyester will let your skin breathe. They’re lightweight, dry easily and are comfortable to walk around in. You can easily avoid chafing and rashes by investing in a good pair of track pants.

3 Pair of Cotton Socks: Cotton socks are extremely comfortable to move around in and are lightweight as well which is why you can always count on a good pair of cotton socks while trekking. However, keep in mind to change them and avoid wearing them when they are wet.

1 Pair of Woolen Socks: A good pair of woolen socks, especially merino, are comfortable, limit odors and provide adequate insulation from the cold so you can wear them at night.

1 Poncho: A poncho is basically an evolved form of a rain coat that provides coverage to your body as well as your bag and ensures total water protection from rains. 

1 Heavy Jacket: It’s emphasized that you need to carry proper layers so you can avoid getting cold which is why you need to carry a heavy jacket that you can put on over your other clothes.

1 Pair of Thermal: Thermal is a piece of garment that helps in keeping your body warm in cold temperatures. It is a necessary item that you need when going on a high altitude trek.

Quick-dry towel: A quick dry towel will help in maintaining proper hygiene. It’s necessary that it dries quickly because wet fabric will only increase the chance of bacterial growth.

Windproof Jacket: As you ascend towards high altitude, you get hit by chilly winds and a windbreaker jacket is designed to resist them. They are lightweight and are made of synthetic fibers. 

Woolen Cap: A woolen cap will help prevent cold when you ascend to high altitude. You can also cover your ears to avoid any pain and discomfort you might face in them when going on high altitudes. 

Gloves: Insulated gloves help in maintaining proper body heat in your hands and also provide better grasp on trekking poles.

Sun Cap: A lightweight sun cap with side flaps is perfect to keep your head cool and avoid sunburns on a sunny day. 

1 Scarf or Balaclava: Along with sun rays and chilly winds, you also get hit by dirt and grime during treks which is why it's important to carry a scarf or balaclava so you can cover your face when needed.

Lip Balm: Your lips can become chapped due to the harsh cold winds so it's important to keep them moisturized.

Cold Cream & SunScreen (SPF 40+): In order to avoid sunburns and chafing, you need to put on sunscreen as well as cold cream.

Antibacterial powder: To avoid rashes that develop from bacterial infestation in your armpits and other parts of your body.

Water Bottle 1 Lt.: Hydration is extremely important when it comes to trekking. To carry a water bottle that you can refill with Himalayan water is a must.

Headlamp or torch: You can’t rely on moonlight when you are in the mountains. A torch or even a headlamp with a fresh pair of batteries is always a good idea to bring along.

Bag for all your Toiletries: A bag with all your essentials including napkins, toothpaste, sanitizers, paper soap etc should be carried in a ziplock bag. 

Personal Basic Medical Kit: A few cuts and bruises are almost inevitable when you are on a trek so carrying a medical kit with bandages, dettol etc is necessary.

Dark Sunglasses / People who use spectacles (Use Photochromic glasses instead of contact lenses): Photochromatic glasses are specs that are designed to transform into anti glare shades depending upon the exposure of the sun. They are good when it comes to eye protection but one can also opt for clip on glasses etc.

Trekking Pole: Trekking pole assists in more than one way. It saves energy while also providing stability and helps you to maintain proper balance.

Extra Polythene: In case your clothes get wet or your garments don’t dry, you can carry them in a polythene. However, make sure that all the plastic that you are carrying into the woods leaves with you. Don’t litter in the mountains. 

Camera: This should be obvious. To make sure that you get to capture all great moments from your trek.. Make sure that you have enough storage and some extra batteries as well.


Gangotri, Uttarakhand

Policy and Terms

No cancellations will be taken over phone calls or WhatsApp messages. Please reply to the email with the payment rate that you have received at the time of booking.

Free Cancellation up to 45 days before the departure date

44 Days to 30 days of Departure date. 10% of the total trip cost. (Booking amount is non-refundable)

 29 Days to 20 Days of Departure date. 25% of the total trip cost.

 19 Days to 10 Days of Departure date. 50% of the total trip cost.

 9 Days to 6 Days of Departure date. 75% of the total trip cost.

 5 Days to Trip Departure date. 100% of the total trip cost.

 No Show. No refund.

In case of government orders, harsh weather conditions, protests, landslides, or any other unforeseen circumstances, we work out the best possible alternate plans or trips/treks. At times even if certain activities are canceled, the organization provides the best alternative but no refunds are provided.

 If a trek is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, etc.), JustWravel will issue a trek voucher for the full amount and if possible will provide an alternate trek. 

The voucher can be redeemed up to the same amount for the same trek or another trek in the next 365 days from the trek departure date. But no refund would be provided.

 Any extra expense due to any natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, etc.), will be borne by the customer. The company will not be liable.

 Cancellations policy will differ during the peak season and for popular destinations

Terms and Conditions

Vouchers are non-transferable and valid only for the services mentioned herein.

Any services not specifically requested, confirmed and noted on vouchers will not be rendered.

All extras are to be paid directly to the hotels/the service providers. Please stick to itinerary, anything extra shall be chargeable (at the location itself.) Any service unused is non-refundable.

The company shall not be liable for damages/charges incurred by travelers if any of the following reasons apply: Natural disaster, war, civil unrest, and alteration or cancellation of tour itinerary due to such causes.

Accidents during transportation or accommodations, damage by fire.

Orders of either Indian governments or immigration regulations, isolation resulting from infectious diseases, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.

Accidents occurring during the travelers free activities.

Food poisoning.


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