Rajgad to Torna Monsoon Trek | Thursday, 25th July: Hyderabad to Pune Train Friday, 26th July: Trek to Rajgad Fort Saturday, 27th July: Rajgad to Torna Trek Sunday,28th July: Descend from Torna

Rajgad to Torna Monsoon Trek

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₹ 3500.00


Pune, Maharashtra, India

What's Included

- Non AC train from Hyderabad to Pune and back
- Local transport from Pune to Gujavne
- Local transport from Velhe to Pune
- 3 Breakfast, 3 Lunch and 2 Dinner
- Expert guide charges

What's Excluded

- All meals not mentioned above including meals in train
- Personal expenses and tips
**Note: For last minute bookings Tatkal charges will be added to the event cost. Please get in touch with the organizer to know the Tatkal charges.

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10 days before the event start date: No Refund
10-29 days before the event start date: 50% Refund
Before 29 days of the event start date: 75% Refund


Day 1
Thursday, 25th July: Hyderabad to Pune Train


Stay Not Included

Meals Not Included

08:50 pm: Team assembles at Begumpet station and takes the Mumbai Express to Pune.

Day 2
Friday, 26th July: Trek to Rajgad Fort

MultipleModes | Transport + Trek


All Meals

09:05 am: Reach Pune and have breakfast. After breakfast we take a private transport to Gunjavane, the base for Rajgad Trek
12:00 pm: Reach Gunjavane. Introduction, warm up and start the trek.
03:00 pm: Reach Rajgad fort. Lunch en route. Drop bags at the camping spot and head off to explore Suvela Machi
05:00 pm: Climb Bale Killa. If lucky, we might get an amazing view of the surrounding valley.
07:00 pm: Head back to the camping spot. Time for some exciting games followed by dinner.
10:00 pm: Hit the bed

Our journey starts the minute we leave Pune Railway station. The first leg of the jouney is reaching Gunjavane, the base village of Rajgad trek. There are two routes to Rajgad fort from Gunjavane. One follows the secret entrance to Padmavati Machi via Chor Darwaza and the other trail is via the Gunjavane Darwaza. We take the Chor Darwaza trail and reach Rajgad Fort by early evening.

The fort can be divided into four different parts based on geographical terrain and fortification. These are the three sub-plateaux (Machee) namely Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee and Sanjevani Machee, and at the centre is the Ballekilla.

Padmavati Machee (north end) : This machee is the site of Padmavati Temple, Padmavati Lake, Chor Darwaja, Pali Darwaja, Gunjavane Darwaja, Daru Kothar (storage of arms and ammunition), Diwankhana, Rajwada (ruins), Ghod Tale (Horse Lake), Sadar (office) and Dhalkathi (flag hoisting place).

Suvela Machee (south east) : This is another grand machee facing east with lots of secret routes and doorways. This one is a double-stepped fortified machee with the steps separated by a beautiful bastioned doorway. At the end of first step a hole cuts across the rock; one can sit in this hole (nedhe). The final (lowest) step like Sanjeevani Machee has a double curtain wall. To the south side of this machee one can see a beautiful triangular bastion called Kaleswari buruz having an escape door near it. The home of the renowned military leader Tanaji Malusare was in this machee.

Sanjeevani Machee (southwest/west end) : This huge, beautiful and royally constructed machee faces west and has a three-stepped (layered) fortified structure. Each of the lower levels is separated from the higher one by a fortified bastion with a gate that could be defended independently. The lowest level is beautifully fortified by double curtain walls (chilkhathi) separated by a deep trench, on average 12 feet across. One can walk between these walls. The outer wall has openings to let soldiers out for sudden attack.

Bale Killa (centre) : This is the highest part of the fort which has remains of palaces, water cisterns and caves. It has a beautiful entrance door called Mahadarwaja. One can view the whole fort and the vast surrounding expanse.

Day 3
Saturday, 27th July: Rajgad to Torna Trek



All Meals

06:00 am: Wake up call. Freshen up and have breakfast
08:00 am: Start our trek towards Torna via Sanjeevani Machi.
04:00 pm: Reach Torna. Lunch en route. After reaching Torna, spend the evening exploring Torna
06:00 pm: Head off to campsite.
07:00 pm: Dinner
10:00 pm: Hit the bed

The trail from Rajgad to Torna stretches for 9 kms along a narrow ride. In the morning we head off to Sanjeevani Machi and exit via the Alu Darwaza. It takes appx 5 to 6 hours to reach Torna, crossing more than 20 hills. En route we will come across a small hut where we can buy some refreshments.

The toughest part of the Rajgad Torna trek are the 3 rocks patches. The first is about 60 % steep with loose sand. The second about 80 % steep. The final rock patch is the toughest one, with steep edges and the valley below.

On scaling these rock patches, we finally reach the plateau. Follow the trail to the Torna temple.

Fascinating points on Torna fort:

Goddess Toranjai: it is a simple temple where goddesses Somjai and Toranjai are worshiped. Ahead we can see the lakes toran and mhasoba.Maal and Safeli Bastions: On the west of Kothji Darwaja are the bastion maal, and the latter one is to the south of the former. Near Safeli is the construction called lakadkhaana, where wood was stored. Here is the way to Kokan Darwaja and Budhla Machi.

Budhla Machi: In Marathi β€˜budhla’ means vessel, and budhla machi looks like a vessel kept upside down. This cliff is a breathtaking spot on the fort.

Bini Darwaja: This is the main entrance to the fort from velhe and is situated to the northwest of the fort. The bastion on the left side has collapsed. The path ahead leads to the Kothi Darwaja.

Kothi Darwaja: Ascending the steps carved in the rock, we enter the Kothi Darwaja facing east. Here we come across some guard rooms. Way along the wall towards east takes us to the temple of goddess Toranjai.

Hanuman Bastion: This bastion is situated to the east of Kothi Darwaja. Here we can see the idol of hanuman facing south and a flag post. The way ahead leads to the bastion Bhel. Further eastwards we come to Zunjar Machi.

Temple of goddess Mengai: this is the only place on the fort where one can stay. It has two doors and the roof is still there but needs of repairs. In front of the temple is a Deepmala.

Zunjar Machi: It is situated on the western side and is beautiful.

Day 4
Sunday,28th July: Descend from Torna

MultipleModes | Trek + Transport + Train

Stay Not Included

Breakfast, Lunch

06:00 am: Wake up call. Freshen up and have breakfast
08:00 am: Start descent toward Velhe
11:00 am: Reach Velhe. Catch a local transport to Pune
04:00 pm: Reach Pune. Lunch en route
07:00 pm: Board the Konark Express back to Hyderabad

Torna to Velhe.

Velhe is a small Town which has quite a few hotels where you can have Maharashtrian delicacies viz Poha, Misal, Wadapau etc.

Exit Torna via the Bini Darwaza. The route is pretty direct and the tricky patches are supported by railings. It takes appx 3 hours to descent Torna via this route.


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Kirtiman Rathore
Kirtiman Rathore

"The Great Escape" upholds its name, literally! Among the couple of trekking organisations that I have hiked with in Himalayas, TGE is one of the best. They plan the trek very well, adapting the route and camping locations to factors like weather and the footfall. The support staff is experienced and deft, food great, and trekking practices "green". The organisers themselves are friendly and look after the group well. At the same time, they are firm, decisive, and in a mode of continuous improvement! It is a pleasure trekking with TGE, and I would highly recommend them! Good luck Reetu & Jamila...and keep rocking !

Hariprasad Sampath Narayanan
Hariprasad Sampath Narayanan

The review is long due. I went with the organizers of The Great Escape multiple times and it was a very memorable experience. Well organized and curated treks with attention given to the minutest details. The organizers Reetu and Jamila are the best and I would recommend them to any

Yogesh Raja
Yogesh Raja

Here from the past few trek experiences organised by The Great Escape are GREAT πŸ‘ Professionally a well organised and friendly team, you guys (Reetu & Jamila) have built a great team (on & off the field) Almost this team is very good in all stages like the accommodation, food, travel, guidance & instant decision making. They value the time & money spent by their customers. This unique experience – it is much and seriously appreciated. Continue delivering the same πŸ‘ Hope to join more trekking/trips in future with The Great Escape 😊 Best wishes to grow big & bigger πŸ‘

Trilochan Dua
Trilochan Dua

Joined the Spiti Valley trek ...Very well organized in every aspect ( Travelling by Road , Homestays , Trekking ) ..Reetu & Jamila you both are super girls, good knowledge about the terrain, always ready to help & take care of every team member...I would recommend everyone to go with these guys ...

Barkha Bhagia
Barkha Bhagia

Very well organized treks. I know the organizers personally and can vouch for fun filled events that they organize. I have already done three Himalaya treks and taken multiple trips with them. They're my go to travel companions

Rini Biswas
Rini Biswas

I have attended only one trip/event with TGE as of now and I loved it. It was well organized, the organizer was really cooperative and helped everyone in the team to make the trip a memorable one. I'd highly recommend this group to all friends and family and would love to attend their future events. Thank you.



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